May 16, 2012

Country Hospitality

On Monday evening I was starting dinner and jump at hearing our doorbell ring for the first time. {G} never grew up with a doorbell so he rings it (annoying) to get the dog going. I knew it wasn’t him because this person rang it like a Normal human being that has used a doorbell before.

To my surprise it was an older lady holding a little corning ware dish. She introduced herself and said that she lives just across the section of fields before you turn onto our avenue. She keeps her place very immaculate from the outside so I knew which house she was speaking of. {G} and I love when people keep their places orderly with fresh cut lawns so usually we point them out to each other. We talked for about 3 minutes until {G} should up home from working in Ames which was nice because she got the chance to meet her as well. Basically, she had been playing cards that afternoon and had some leftover strawberry rhubarb crumble so she wanted to stop over, introduce herself, and give us a nice treat.

The first thing I asked {G} was, “In the 3 years you lived in Mitchell on a busier street had anyone ever stopped in to introduce themselves?” His reply, “once the golf course guy came over, but that’s because his dog ran over to the property.”

I’m not putting Mitchell or SD in general down, we met a few nice people but this was beyond a friendly Hi. I think country folks are just more “hospitable” at these kind of things which ever state you are in. Either that or she wanted to be the first to get the scoop on who moved to the area so she can tell all at the next card gathering. :) I’m leaning towards … both :)

IMG_0778Strawberry Rhubarb  Crumble

I’m really loving the fact that we are a little further out from town. I thought at first I was going to be really lonely but I’ve been keeping myself busy with work and weeding out a few gardens that have been neglected. Back when I taught high school, my specialty and passion was more into Horticulture then it was the animal sciences so this place is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted a flower garden so that I could grow perennials to cut and bring inside the house to display. Our neighbor told me the guy who lived here two residents ago lived here for 40 years and his passion was flowers, thus all the gardens. Lots of flowers have begun to pop including the Peonies! I can’t wait to add onto them.

Along with flower gardens we have Berry bushes, Squash, and Asparagus! {G} and I went and picked some fresh asparagus last night to have with supper tonight! I may take some to the neighbor as well when I go to return her corning dish.


It’s been beautiful weather here in Central Iowa so I’ve been enjoying the patio and all the other beauty on the property.

Back Patio & fire pit off the Breezeway




I love this NE view!IMG_0777

Our big summer project is to re-paint the barn. It looks neat distressed but will look really good with a fresh coat! The bracing on the South side is still buckled in the hay loft so once that gets fixed we’ll get started. :)


Goal for today: Finish weeding out the right side of the entrance way to the house & unpack the rest of the basement.

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