May 24, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday’s

Wow, I haven’t done a Thoughtful Thursday post in awhile! I thought today would be a great time to share some other great blogs I’ve come across that have made my day!

How many of you have jumped on this Map/State decor obsession ?!? Me, Me, Me! Can you tell from the header of my blog? I just love all of the different ideas and have wanted to spruce up my new home with some of them.

If you haven’t come across Jenna @ Q.A. Designs then you certainly need to stop by!

q.a. design

Not only is she a fantastic blog designer but she also post freebies that she creates. My favorite being the state shapes!

Don’t you just LOVE them! I took some time to hook up my personal printer at home so I could finally print some of these babies out! The only one I am missing is poor little Delaware since she hasn’t made that one yet. That’s okay though these have worked out great for me!





I just love these in our guest room and I love making the theme of that room the states and places we’ve been. Eventually I would like to take all the personal photos out and put in all map and state theme decor this way when our guest do come they aren’t staring at pictures of {G} and I or our families. The best part about this was it was FREE! I had all the frames and was able to print these to the size I wanted them on plain printer paper. No need to get super fancy they already look good!

The other blog I could just kiss to death is from Jennifer @ Finding my way in Texas. Seriously, when I read her post this week I about fell out of my chair with excitement.

Finding My Way in Texas

You know how you see all of these lovely quotes and motivational writings on Pinterest so you save them thinking some day I’ll find a use for them. Well today is that day people! Jen had a wonderful idea about using magnetic paper to print those pictures out to place on your refrigerator!

I cannot think of a better idea and cannot wait to make these myself! Now I just need to figure out the next time I am going to “town” so that I can pick up some Magnet paper!

I hope you are as excited as I was to read these post and will be using these ideas yourselves!

Have a great Thursday :)

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