May 23, 2012

Simply Adapting: Keeping up with my blog theme

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to get back to posting about my blog theme which by the title is “Simply Adapting – making a home wherever life takes you” I was really hoping to have some readers reach out to tell their stories and haven’t heard from anyone in a while so I figured I’d ask…

If anyone is interested in sharing their story and tips about moving to a new area I invite you to do so. You never know who is going to stop by and read your story and sometimes sharing can really help others in the same situations. If you’re not really sure how it works visit my link above and read some others Simply Adapting stories then e-mail me :)

So for now, I’ll talk a little more about my new move and how I am adapting. Sorry if this is a long post but a lot of this involves my emotions so it’s hard to keep it to a minimum.

{ How did I feel about having to move again in such a short period of time }

Well, honestly … I was thrilled to move from South Dakota. Gosh, I feel awful saying this but really I just never connected with life there. It was as if I was going through the motions every week; go to work, come home, make dinner, watch my shows, work around the house. The most fun that I had in that town was when {G}’s best friend and wife (both who I have become close too as well) came out last summer for a week. Having another couple our age to hang out with made all the difference and being able to do simple task like grocery shopping with a friend made all the difference. I had missed having people around that really knew us and that we had substance with.

I think when you begin to meet people in your new home they don’t realize how hard it is to cope with living in an area where you know no one. It really starts to eat away at your insides and after having Adam and Kristin around for that week it brought life back to who we were as a couple so once they left I felt even more empty and alone.

With having this move to Iowa I felt a sort of sense that I get to start over again, and this time I knew the move would be for awhile longer so I needed to make a point to try to connect with the area and people here as well. Already we have been here for almost 2 weeks and I feel more connected. We know people from back east that have made the move to Iowa so we have that connection.

I am just so excited because on Memorial Day we were invited to a picnic at a college/sorority sisters house just 40mins away. Reconnecting and being able to talk about not only the past but what each other has been up to is just too exciting and I just can’t wait! It also gives {G} and I the chance to socialize and meet others from the area.

{ What is is like working from home }

I must say that working from home has it’s ups and downs. You must be super disciplined to get the work done or else other things get easily prioritized. I have done really well about waking up in the morning. For some reason which is be known to me (and had SHOCKED my husband) is my body’s alarm clock has reset itself for 6:30am everyday Sunday – Saturday. Seriously, I wake up everyday at 6:28 before the alarm even goes off and I am refreshed and ready to go! I was so worried that I’d want to sleep in until 8am everyday, but I don’t! I get up have my coffee with {G}, walk him out to the truck to say have a good day, then get dressed and go to the office to start working.

Again, discipline is a must but I also have this voice that has always been in the back of my mind as well saying “Don’t F this up”… “don’t make others think you aren’t working”. Seriously, this is what runs through my mind all day! I don’t want to let others down and I certainly don’t want people at the office saying “gosh, she probably just sits around the house all day watching the Price is Right.

I will, however, say while I have this voice urging me to do my work I also have a voice telling me, it’s ok not to sit in my office for 8 hours straight. I get up early and catch up on e-mails and other work for a few hours then if I need to get outside to pull some weeds I do it. Then I go back in the office and make some phone calls & break for lunch. The difference here is before while I was a work ,when 5pm hit I was done for the day and didn’t take work home with me. Now that I am already home at work sometimes I make phone calls at 6:00pm at night, or if I get an email at 9pm I respond to it right then. So while I may not be at my computer 8 hours straight I am however locked into “if work comes… I do it”.

{ New schedules }

Along with my body’s automatic alarm set for 6:30am I have had to adopt new a new schedule with {G} working. The benefit is today is the first time in two weeks that he will be away for the night!!! YAY! When he worked in South Dakota it was almost every week Monday-Thursday that he was gone. Most nights {G} is home by 7pm which at first really ticked me off because dinner has been pushed back from our sit down and eat at 6:30pm. Now sometimes we don’t eat until 8pm! I was bitching to {G} at first about having him try to be home earlier, 6pm , but he made a clear point of saying… at least I am home during the week. So True husband… SOOOooooo trueeeee. Now I have learned to eat a snack at 4pm to hold this belly over for a few hours more.

{ Plans in the up coming weeks }

Oh gosh! We are in over plan mode!
Kitchen – contractor came by to take measurements on cabinets & countertop
Tractor - {G} insist we need a tractor with a loader, which I agree, so he is in the market
Livestock – Yes that’s right, we are getting some Hogs to raise so we plotted out where the pens are going. We’re still in the planning phase… thank goodness
Painting – Will become underway this weekend. We plan to paint the privacy fence & the South and east side of the Quonset building. I would also like to pick up paint for the office. It’s in DIRE need!

{ Other Thoughts }

At the end of next week I get to fly back East to my old stomping ground to visit with family and friends. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and especially be there with my BFF to help get some wedding planning done. I am yearning to see the ocean and feel the soft (BURNING) sand beneath these feet… there is nothing in comparison to walking the path over the sand dunes and having the fresh sea breeze brush your face with the smell of suntan lotions and ocean mist. It is so indescribable but I know my DE people know exactly what I am talking about. I miss it so.

Again, if you would like to share your story with other readers please contact me or if you would like to promote my site for those friends who have going through the same moving situations please do with my button :) I haven’t had it up in quite some time.
Simply Adapting
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  1. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi on my blog! I love your blog and everything you write about I can totally relate to. I will definitely follow along!

  2. You've got many things to do Britt but I knew you can do it ;). Moving is not easy you need to adjust and adopt to the new place but as I can see you've experienced it before so its not a problem.


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