May 3, 2012

Iowa’s Welcome Wagon

It’s Thursday! I have not lost my mind yet thanks to the lush recreational options that Iowa has to offer. There are parks and trails everywhere and I am in LOVE. I didn’t realize how much I missed running around Delcastle Recreation back in Delaware. That was the park I grew up playing capture the flag in, where we use to run to and back from the soccer fields in high school, and where I continued to try and stay in shape after college. Mitchell, SD doesn’t really have a park like that. Caldwell field & the loop around Cabalas is the best they have but it did not compare to running the loop at Del Rec. I will also say there is a loop around the Mitchell Lake that they are building up but I never got the chance to experience it.

Winston and I now have a love for “Raccoon River Park” here in West Des Moines. It has a wonderful dog park with running water and friendly people. There is a lake in the middle that has a doggie beach and a 3.5 mi trail that loops around it as well.


Today Winston and I went to the dog park, you are supposed to buy a tag at the nature center but we can’t since they needs his paper work which happens to be in storage… imagine that. Well the manager here at the Candlewood told me they never patrol and that we would be fine, so we went! Winston and I were there for 15 minutes and met some new friends ( a mini poodle & a Russell) and then I saw him… a patrol man coming into the small dog area… SHIT! He asked the other to owners for the dog tags numbers then made is way to me. I had a million things running through my mind… Pick up Winston and Run…. Say we left it on his other collar at home….. just tell the truth. I’m an honest person so I explained that we just moved to the area and that I was aware that the dogs needed tags for the park and that we couldn’t do so since our items are in storage but that he was wearing his vaccine tags and is socialized. He was very polite and said that we were fine and that he would not kick us out as long as we only came between 11am-1pm when it was the least crowded. He also said that he would let the other patroller know that he spoke with us and that we are cleared. THANK THE LORD! After he left Winston and I went for a mile walk down the path and came back to the small dog area to cool him off and get some water. He couldn’t get enough of the baby pool and I am def. going to see if I can swipe one of these at a yard sale for extra cheap for at our new home.

Speaking of new home…. Iowa had very bad storms this week as well as most of the Midwest. I had been joking with {G} about how with our luck a Tornado would take out the new home before we went to settlement. God listened a little to close and did not sense the “sarcasm” in my voice because yesterday {G} called around 9am which was weird because I knew he was on his way to a dealership. Right away I can tell something is wrong when I ask, “what’s up?”… “well…. Sharon just called.” Sharon is a realtor in Iowa so right away I’m thinking great are these people backing out of the sale because this is just GREAT! {G} continues with, “Last night a really bad storm went through Boone County and the owner called the realtor to let us know there has been some damage.” …. “Are you kidding! I was just joking about tornados!” …. “No, I’m not kidding, we have to go to the house to meet the couple, their realtor, and Sharon to access the damage so I’m going to wrap up quick here and pick you up around 1:30.” …. “Okay, I’ll see you then.”

We made our way up north to the new home and saw no damage along any of the other homes in the area then as we pull on C avenue we notice the debris in the yard and the door hanging half way off the Morton building. “Oh shit, is all I could think.” We met the husband and the two realtors and walked the area of the house… the most damage was caused by the trees on the property. I’m talking 4+ foot circumference trees split in half or the top ripped off of them. There was also a horse paddock in one of the fields that half stood in the same spot with the other half of the structure clear across the field through another fence. The owners took the horses to their new place last week, thank the lord. the only damage on the home itself is one kitchen window was broken by debris, the hood for the attic fan blow off, and some paneling under the roofing pushed up. Other then that, no roof damage, to trees fell on it, and it was barely touched.

The husband was the only one home that night and said it hit a 1:21am, he woke up to “freight train” noise and immediately turned the TV on to see if a tornado was in the area. He said before he could find out it was done. The news station said it was a F0 tornado meaning no tornado touched down but the straight line winds were as strong as what a tornado would be at 85miles per hour. I’m not sure what he was thinking by turning on the TV… all I know is my ass will be in a bath tub if I can’t make it to the basement in time. Again, thank god for his safety and for blessing us with this Welcome Wagon of Iowa weather.

Everything can be fixed and cleaned up… I just worry that we are only at the beginning of tornado season…. They only hit once in the same place, right?

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