May 1, 2012

I live in a box…

So far I have made it through 3 full days of living in a hotel room. I feel fairly sane still, as for Winston he looks like he is going to crack.

{ Hotel Room Tour }






Living area / Bedroom




 IMG_0653 IMG_0652



The good thing about living in a hotel room for 2 weeks is that we aren’t living out of suitcases. All of our clothing is put away in drawers or hung up in the closet, all of our bath items are laid out just like how they would be at home, and our groceries are here in the room with us so we aren’t eating out. In three days the only thing I have eaten out is a small ice cream from culvers on Sunday night. We I am really trying not to eat out so much anymore, it was getting ridiculous and now that our home is out away from fast food I know I won’t be tempted so I figured I better start now.

Saturday & Sunday - {G} and I laid low due to yucky weather. We explored the West Des Moines area to see mansions and high school football stadiums larger then most colleges I’ve seen. These people have some $$$. There is a nice gym in the hotel that I have used every day. My new favorite machine is the stair master… hello butt muscles.

Monday – My first day figuring of this working from out of the office deal. It is kind of nice to work a little then go run an errand then work again. It’s a little tough trying to figure out how to get in touch with people and my next mission is to get my name changed on my cell phone. Every time I call someone my name still shows up as my maiden name.

Other changes: Hair – I have waited since February to trim my hair and get my roots touched up. My hair has been so damaged from years and years of bleaching that I decided to go au natural. It’s a huge change but with all these other changes… what’s one more!

{ Before }

pics from iphone 256

{ After }

pics from iphone 260 

pics from iphone 259

Of course “Dying” it darker doesn’t make it completely natural, however, the stylist tried to get it as close to my roots as possible. The color is going to fade a bit more and natural highlights will come out in the summer.  So far I like it and {G} just said, “Please don’t cut it”. haha boys and short hair….

Today is cleaning day in the hotel so I better go run some errands so they can come in without me here. I think I will take Winston with me… poor guy is super bored.


  1. That's a fancy hotel! If it were me, I'd probably end up in a Motel 6 for 2 weeks eating peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches and whatever I could fit into a mini-fridge (if they had one). Also, your new hair color looks good.

  2. The hotel looks nice! Good luck in the next 2 weeks. I LOOOOVE your hair. It looks awesome!!!
    I have really like working from home (which I kind of see it that way for me except for the little bit of time that I am at the session). The only thing is I feel guilty all the time when I am not working. Still trying to work on a schedule and stick to it.


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