May 4, 2012

So much to do… Loving Des Moines, Iowa

I seriously can’t get over how much there is to do around the area we are staying in! I’ve been talking to people in the area asking what there is to do and there is a list from the ceiling to the floor of activities coming up not only this weekend but also over the summer into the fall festivals!

Our weekend is already filled up with activities and I am stoked to get the heck out of this hotel room!

Saturday 7am-noon: Des Moines, Iowa Downtown Farmers Market



Saturday Noon – 10pm: Cinco de Mayo @ The Historic Valley Junction

Historic Valley Junction Foundation


Saturday Noon – 3pm: Jordan Creek Town Center Duck Derby

I was starting to get a little worried that these activities would only be around the Des Moines area and since we will live 1 hour north west of the city I needed to discover things to do near our new home as well. The Ames area is having wonderful botanical garden festivals and really neat classes you can stop into. If next Saturday wasn’t so busy I would have signed up for the “Glass blowing class” that ISU is having. How fun is that! Darn moving! Hopefully I will have another chance to try this.

Along with all of these fun activities {G} and I need to make our way to Ames to the kitchen cabinet place to start getting estimates set up. This is the one room in the house that NEEDS immediate attention. Here is your sneak peak into the house.


AHHHHH!!!! I know… flash back to 1970 right? I would love to say that “the picture makes it look worse” but this is not the case what you see is what you get here. The best part about this kitchen is the fact that behind those Fugly laminate cabinets and drawers are beautiful original hard wood cabinets so we just need to reface the fronts and give a fresh coat of paint to the hardwood. Then the next obvious fix is that counter top… yellow is out. And finally, the flooring… it’s not the WORST but if we are going to update everything else then this needs a little loving too.

UPDATE: The damage caused but the storm earlier this week is going to be covered by the current owner’s insurance. The only thing that isn’t covered is the “Tree Damage”… of course since that was the most damage on the property. The current owners already sent us pictures of the clean up and we are impressed. Most of all the big branches and trees from the ground were picked up. {G} and I are going to drive up again before we close on Thursday to do another look through to make sure everything is in order.

I hope that you all have a weekend of fun lined up for you and your families! This will be {G} and I’s first actual event out on Cinco de Mayo! We have been such old people in Mitchell that we never celebrated anything. I can’t wait!

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