April 30, 2012

Moving out and Downsizing

Today is Monday and I am officially homeless…. okay maybe not officially homeless but address-less. Thursday afternoon at 6pm our entire house was completely empty and on it’s way to storage.

{ Guest Room }


{ Master Bedroom }


{ My Office }


{ Garage }


{ Family Room }


   { Bye Bye Moving Truck }


{ U-Haul }


On Thursday night {G} and I stayed in the empty house. I had put aside an air mattress I bought a few years ago to sleep on only to find that it was a single. :( {G} slept on the floor next to me but half way through the night I was so cold that I rolled on the floor next to him for body heat. I call him my personal space heater. The next morning he got up and went to the gym as usual (Crazy man) while I slept in a little more. We didn’t have to be at closing until 1:30 so I had nothing to do besides to finish cleaning and to pack the jeep and trucks with what was left in the house.

{ Winston sleeping on my mattress }


Friday was a busy day besides just the last minute items. At 1:30 we went to the title office and signed the house over to the new owners. After that we went to the bank to deposit our check which made me feel better knowing we weren’t carrying a check of such a great amount around. We got on the highway around 2:30 at that point and made it to Ames to drop the F350 off at {G}’s office. By then it was 8:30 and a storm had just come through the area. We took my jeep off and switched the trailer to his dodge then got back on the road to drive to West Des Moines where we will be staying for 2 weeks. Finally by 10pm we were checked into the hotel … it was a LONG day.

Feelings: So far I really just don’t feel anything about the house. I was sad to see it in the rear view mirror as we drove away but more so I felt this weight lifted off of my shoulders. I am truly excited to be moving to our new home in two weeks, however getting past these next two weeks is going to be very LONG.

I’ll tell you more about my new living situation tomorrow. 

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