April 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up – Organized Chaos

Over the weekend we started boxing the items up that the movers will not take and putting them in the trucks. It seems like over the last few days everything has just hit me. {G} and I called it quits at 5:00 last night. Last night after dinner we sat on the couch just in time for “The Dark Knight” to begin. I had been meaning to watch this movie for a long time now and kept catching it in the middle so I didn’t want to watch it.

As we were watching the movie {G} says to me, “It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day we will sit here and watch TV.” ….. Wait…. What…. so I knew the moving day was coming but I REALLY hadn’t thought about the fact that for the next 4 days we will have ZERO TV… or couches… or dining table that we eat our meals at. I really have been in LaLa land because all the sudden I just froze and realized … “We Are MOVING”.

The TV is not a big deal, yes, I have a routine of watching the news in the morning while getting ready for work and again before bed to nod me off to dream land but I will suck it up and listen to my ipod or read a book. More so what hit me is that today is my last day of “normal” before the movers start packing everything up.

In a way I am so excited to move but I have also realized I’m going to miss our house here in South Dakota. It was our first home as a married couple and we have made some nice memories here. It’s all starting to hit a little bit more and after this week when I return to Mitchell for work I will pass this home that is no longer mine.

I took some photo’s of the house so you can see a day to day look into our moving progress. Even the state that it is in now is driving us nuts. We never had boxes just sitting around…

Our First Home…


IMG_0577 Side Yard

 IMG_0593 IMG_0581IMG_0582

Living & Dining Room

IMG_0585 IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0586

Kitchen, Mud Room, Laundry

IMG_0588  IMG_0587


IMG_0592  IMG_0591 IMG_0590

{G}’s office


My MESSY office/closet (Me trying to organize clothing

IMG_0596 IMG_0595

Our Master… Don’t you love the old school TV. :) If it works don’t spend $

IMG_0598 IMG_0597

Our Guest room… Took the bed apart Sunday.

That’s our home… It’s going to be crazy taking pictures at the week goes on. Also, I wanted to point out the photo below. Winston our corgi LOVES soccer so in our side yard we kick the ball and he dribbles it back to us. Well, yesterday {G} punted the ball and got it stuck in the tree. In an attempt to get one ball down… we lodged two in the tree. We’re hoping for some high winds to knock them down before we go but poor Winston is out of his favorite toy for a few days.


Tree 2 – Us 0


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