April 24, 2012

They’re Here!

As of 7:58 this morning our movers have arrived! It doesn’t seem as though getting this truck in the driveway would be such a task but because our driveway is a “ U “ shape they couldn’t just pull in. They blocked all of Est 1st Ave to pull ahead and back it in. I may say though it only took less the 10 mins to do so where as {G} told me when he moved here it took the other guys 30 mins to figure out!

Winston is off his rocker right now since this is the closest he has been to a truck this size. Usually he just growls at them as they go by the house. Poor little guy just wants a ride.


I am at my last full day of work today, so my husband is in charge of the move. I am kind of glad since I don’t want to just stand around and watch them pack my belongings. At lunch I will get to see how big of a dent they made between 8am and noon. Tomorrow I will start to clean the house as they continue to empty it. It’s been awhile since I have been able to vacuum behind the couches and other furniture in the house. I try my darnedest but I know there are others out there that think… “if you can’t see it… then….” I guess I should get better at this.

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