April 20, 2012

Blogging & Moving = Bloving

I have been thinking of what I am going to do over the days that I am packing for our move next week. Holy crap… it’s next week. I just wonder how much time I can devote to posting during this process. I had thought about using Momma Bear Diaries strategy for when she moved. She set up Guest Post for the days that she was going to be packing and moving from Georgia to Wisconsin. I know, super smart right! I think it was awesome to be able to guest post for her and sweet that others helped her out as well. Moving can be a very tedious, stressful, emotional, and exciting but with all those emotions you have to figure out what you can still take on and what you need to need to put a break on for a little bit.

The thing is my moving situation is a little bit different. We are not traveling as far this go around, just 5.5 hours South East. I will also not be as involved with “packing” my own items. We are being relocated through {G}’s company so literally I will be watching the movers load all of our stuff on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is going to be so strange. Who just sits around and watches other people pack their items. This is why I plan to try and get into work a few hours each day to get away from the stress boredom of this process. Most likely this weekend I can pre-write post to schedule for those next week. What I would really like to do though is take pictures each day of my home slowly emptying to despair and post them to that you can all see the moving process I’m going through.

On Friday next week, the clients will have their final walk through and we will go to sign papers at the title office. From there we jump in the trucks and {G} and I drive to our lovely hotel on West Des Moines while all of our belongings go to storage. I will probably still be able to blog that evening as I unwind so I think I can by pass any guest post. HOWEVER, if you think I am crazy and want to volunteer your services I would NOT turn you away. ;)

My next blogging adventure that I am just super excited for is I’ve decided to keep a Daily Blogging Journal of my days spent living in an extended stay hotel. I may step away from my traditional blog post schedule during that time, but I think it’s going to be fun to write about my every day experiences that come out of that. I can already fore see that the first few days will be perky and uplifting as I explore the world of hotel living. Then as time goes on I know I will be begging to leave and be in a house again.

This could be interesting…

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