April 25, 2012

Tips for Tuesday- Learn as you Go; Moving day II

{G} and I have made it through day one of the movers coming to pack our belongings! Last week we worked extra hard to get items organized into different categories:

  1. Items they will not take
  2. Items we will need to take with us to the hotel
  3. Items to live off of for the week

We have failed in category 3. Yesterday at lunch I came home from work to make PB&J sandwiches, as I walked into the kitchen surrounded by boxes {G} is standing there with a look of “Oops” on his face. I ask, “Um, what's wrong?” He says, “They packed all of our food in the cabinets.”

NOOOOOO!!!!!! {G} was on a conference call for work when they started packing and didn’t seen them packing our food up. The plan was to be able to pack this stuff ourselves to take to the hotel. Things like bread, soup, peanut butter, snacks, oatmeal, cereal. Nope… all gone away in a box somewhere in our house. We resorted to plan b, which I was trying to avoid this week, and went out to eat at Quiznos.

Another mishap in our plan was dinner last night. I made a crock pot during the day yesterday which is supposed to feed us over the next few days. Where did I go wrong? Microwave… of course they packed the microwave… we’re moving. Why can I not think things through completely? Luckily there is a plan B to this as well… the oven. It may take longer but it will work to eat up our left over's for dinner tonight.

Today before I left for work I grabbed a note pad and walked around the house leaving notes for our movers. “Please do not pack …… …… …… Thank you”. These items included our shower items, cleaning items, and some of Winston’s things.

Yesterday was long but we were glad to still have the TV last night to entertain ourselves and also this morning so I could watch the news. A morning staple to my routine.

Here are the photos from day two…. If you want to see before pictures see my post from the other day here.

{ Dining room }



{ Family Room }


{ Kitchen }


{ Pantry/Laundry Room }


{ My Office }


{ Guest Room }



{ Master }

Today the movers plan to finish boxing all of our items and start moving them to the truck. I am hopeful they get a lot done today and tomorrow morning since the weather man is calling for rain Thursday afternoon and all of Friday! Can’t wait to drive to Iowa in the rain. :(

“Are we there yet?”

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  1. Wow! You make me not miss moving!! I hate living out of boxes!! Sorry about the food. Soon you will be all moved and settled into your new home. Good luck!


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