April 26, 2012

Moving Week { Day 3 }

I am exhausted and I feel like I haven’t really done much of anything. I think the mental aspect of moving is wearing on me. Yesterday the movers started loaded up the boxes and furniture into the truck. I was sort of hoping that this would be down room by room so I could clean as they go but that’s not the case. They have a system that I have yet to figure out but I’m sure it is based on the size of the items and how they fit into the trailer.

Today will be the day that everything is completed and {G} and I are left with just our few boxes of items and our cleaning supplies. It was kind of gross when they took the big couch from our living room, they found Winston’s stash of chewed bones, (5) to be exact. I have a feeling they will continue to find more of Winston’s treasure’s around the house.

{G} is going today to pick up the trailer so that we can roll my Jeep up on it and hook it up tonight. The weather is forecasted to be 90% rain tomorrow. GRRrrrrreeeeaaaattttt. We need to get as much ready in the vehicles as we can.

Tonight should be quite interesting. All the furniture, TV’s, and basically our lives will be headed to WI to the storage unit for 2 weeks. For supper we are going to get Papa Murphy’s for the second time this week and pow-wow on the living room floor. I have my apple laptop that plays movies so where going to go rent a few Red Boxes to keep us entertained, then for sleeping I put aside my blowup camping mattress for us and save our blankets  & pillows from hitting the moving boxes this morning. It will be a fun & interesting evening to say the least.

Here are photos from day 3 of moving: I only took photos of rooms that changed from the day before.

{ Living Room }


{ Dining Room }


{ Kitchen }


{ Basement }


{ Main Bathroom }


{ G’s Office }


{ Hallway Closet }



It really will be interesting after today to see the house completely empty.

{ Feelings } Honestly… I’m not that sad to be leaving our home here. It’s been an interesting year and a half but I still just don’t feel like I have that many ties to hold onto. I have never felt truly connected to this town and maybe that’s because I love Delaware so much along with the people that are still there. I feel that some day I will love another place just as much, but that place just doesn’t happen to be Mitchell, SD. I also always new that SD would not be a long term stay so maybe that’s why I didn’t connect with it, why build a life that you know you will leave?  It will be nice to visit but as far as I’m concerned I’m really ready for the next chapter in our lives.

As for Winston, he is our true Lakota Native born and raised in South Dakota. He started acting funny last night. Usually, he will cuddle with us as we watch TV but last night he just kept going back to the office to lay in a corner that he NEVER laid in before. I know that he is starting to figure out that we are leaving and he is not all too pleased. The next few weeks will be a little rough on him.


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