April 16, 2012

Time is Flying… Yikes!

Let me give you some numbers….

8 = The number of Days until the movers come!

11= The number of Days until my last day in the Office in Mitchell, SD

12= The number of Days until we close on the house and are on the road to Iowa

Here’s a quick recap on my life from the past 7 months:

{ November } My husband and I discussed the possibility of a relocation with his job.

We agreed on moving to Iowa.

{ December } Told our families over Christmas break that my husband excepted a job and that we were moving to Iowa and would not be moving back to the east coast any time soon.

{ January } Put the house on the market.

{ February } Not a month of love… have had over 13 walk through’s and no offers…

{ March } Went to look at homes in Iowa.. struck out. End of March finally got an offer and accepted on the Mitchell home.

{ April } Cleaning up around the Mitchell home, still in search of home in Iowa

{ May } Living in an extended Candlewood Suites in West Des Moines….

My life has been in absolute chaos for the past 7 months… I just cannot believe it’s been 7 months since we agreed on making this next step. Now here we are, 2 weeks from leaving Mitchell, SD and I still do not feel like this is all happening! I really don’t think it will hit me until the moving truck is in the drive way on Tuesday. (No not tomorrow, next week) The one REALLY get thing with moving with a company is that they have a relocation team that sets up the moving details for us. They will pack EVERYTHING… from clothes, pots & pans, furniture…. they even individually wrap all of {G}’s small collectable tractors in safety paper. GOD BLESS the poor soles that get hired for this job. 

We have been checking off our list of things to do before the movers get here and it’s more then what we had thought.

  • go through basement and throw out junk
  • go through hall way closet – throw out junk and organize
  • go through garage – throw away junk – separate items movers will not take {paint, oil, fertilizers, seed}
  • take down kitchen light fixture and replace with another {as stated in our closing agreement that was the only thing we wanted to take. It’s a beautiful iron fixture with roosters on it}
  • go through box of warranty papers and organize them in filing cabinet { all the warranty’s you get over time for kitchen appliances, TV boxes, mowers, etc. }
  • go through clothing and goodwill items that I do not wear
  • call direct TV and put on stand by during move
  • buy a Verizon hot spot for internet use
  • go through bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • Pack clothing and items to live in the Hotel with… including Winston’s items
  • Get a PO box in Ames since we have no address
  • Breathe…. Remember to Breathe again in a few days
  • Rent U-haul trailer for my Jeep { We own 2 trucks and a Jeep and only want to make one trip so we will need to tow the smallest of the 3 }
  • Pre-Pack items that I don’t want movers touching. { okay maybe it’s just me but my underwear and other garments gifted from wedding time do not need to be seen by men other then my husband… even if they were just joke items… These things I will pack myself thank you very much. } 
  • Call electric company
  • Call phone company to cancel home line
  • Clean out refrigerator  except for items going in cooler to the hotel { I refuse to throw out ketchup, dressing, and other items that we will eventually have to buy again… we are staying in an extended stay with a full kitchen so I can use these then }

photo This filled one truck bed for the dump :(


{ I need to think ahead… this is the light fixture from the kitchen we are taking with us }


{ Dear kitchen… I am sorry that you are so dim now but we are trying to be cost affiant and thought that your new owners would like to put in something that is more their taste.. this is only for a little while }

I feel like I am forgetting a million other things… Those of you that have moved…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add to my list of things that I may be forgetting.

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