April 13, 2012

Photo Flash Backs…

Last night I was looking through my iphone and discovered I had over 350 photos on my {camera roll}! My phone has the holding capacity since it’s the 32g but I just hate sorting through all the photos that I really don’t need to store. Not to mention when people play with my phone and look through my photos I have to explain… oh yeah those were for my blog…. weird I know.

I take all my blog photos on my iphone so as I went back to look I had lots of pictures of food that I already uploaded to my Picasa account so there is just no need to have them taking up room.

I actually enjoyed going back through all of my photos and weeding through the good and bad. I forgot of all the fun ones that I said I was going to print out! This is my goal for the new house, updated pictures!

I wanted to share some with you:

pics from iphone 006 pics from iphone 015 pics from iphone 027pics from iphone 016 pics from iphone 017 pics from iphone 175 pics from iphone 147 pics from iphone 067

pics from iphone 155 pics from iphone 253 pics from iphone 254

Yes, I know very random. I used to be really into scrapbooking but not so much anymore, it’s very time consuming & messy. Def. not a craft that you can simply put away at the end of the day. You need a space to lay everything out and allow to stay messy as you work on your pages. I think what I am going to do is just print out the photos and get an old school photo album. You know the ones with the pages that the plastic lifts from the page and the back side is sticky to hold your photos in place. Less time consuming and I can still mark the photos as needed.

I need to start a list of all these things I want to do… it seems to grow day by day.

This weekend we are cleaning house… well not “cleaning” we are emptying out the crap we do not need. I’m big on giving to Goodwill if it’s not broken, someone can use it and I’d rather think that then visualize it at the bottom of a trash dump. However, if it is junk then I’m not moving it all the way to Iowa. Our basement currently has 3 piles…. George’s work pile that we save, the trash pile, and the GW pile. It’s supposed to rain all weekend so I am going to utilize a yucky day by being productive and organizing.


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  1. Love the pic of Winston on George's back while he is on the computer! So cute!


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