April 17, 2012

Tips for Tuesday { Organizing before a BIG move }

7 days until the moving truck is here and I have GOT to get organized! Yesterday I came home from work an hour earlier than usual due to nixing my lunch break. I was Swamped all day with visitors and paperwork that needed to get done. I just LOVE days like that though because the days seem to fly by. Here I was thinking, “This will be GREAT! I’ll get home at 4pm, go for my run, eat dinner, then continue to go through my list of things to do before the move!”

I’ll be productive!


Don’t we all know what really happens when we think this way?

pics from iphone 074


Okay, that’s a picture of my pup, but he is much cuter when he crashes then if I were to put a photo of myself up.

Seriously, I got home, took the dog out, said I would sit down for 5 mins to catch Ellen which I NEVER get to see anymore…. It was over before she even got past her opening dance off. I wasn’t going anywhere! The day had completely taken me over. Go for a run… who was I kidding? I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I had no energy. This mission was a complete fail.

As much as I want to get my runs in this week I NEED to go through our house and get stuff Organized. My goal is to skip running today and tomorrow so that when the Trash truck comes on Thursday morning I can have it all out of the house. If I am successful at this then I can try to fit my short loop into the day.

The trick before the big moving day comes is going to be organizing what we use everyday into a few boxes that we can live out of for weeks on end in a hotel.

Areas that I need to organize:

1 week of Clothing for myself: We will need more then a weeks worth but with limited space I can do laundry so I need to “DISIPLINE” myself to getting my wardrobe down to the necessities. This is coming from a girl that stuffs a suitcase to it’s max potential for only a 2 night stay. . . I’m Screwed.

Food: I REFUSE to throw out food that is still good in our pantry and in our refrigerator. I am going to wait to the last day to pack a cooler for the cold items. Then I will need a box to put the cupboard items in to take.

Bathroom: I suppose again this will just be the necessities, but my needs and my husbands needs are different. I NEED- my flat iron, hair products, shampoo & conditioner, makeup bag, hair accessories, brushes, etc. I can’t use the little hotel bottles they give us, they make my hair yucky.

Winston’s stuff: Food, toys, treats, kennel, bowls

Garage items: The items that the movers will not take.

My House plants: Currently I have 3 house plants that I am taking with me; a fern, a hydrangea, and a begonia. The movers will not take these either so to the hotel they go. Hopefully they survive the trip.

I am starting to get anxious during my work days. A million and one things are running through my mind and it is super hard to stay focused. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse.

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