April 12, 2012


/əˈdæptəbəl/ Show Spelled { uh-dap-tuh-buhl }


1.capable of being adapted.

2.able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions: an adaptable person.

That’s me in a nut shell. I am the queen bee no… the shitz nit …. when it comes to adapting to situations whether too big or too small. Hence… my blogs title and my on going attitude to this moving situation I have going on in a few weeks.

I apologize now for not saying as much about the move quite yet but we are still in this “FATAL” period of things could fall through so we’re not sharing too openly. What I can tell you is… We ARE going to move … it will be this Spring… it will be near Ames, Iowa… and I WILL be throwing myself a party at the end of all of this. :)

I’ve know for awhile that I am pretty easy at adjusting to situations as they arise.. my best friend Missy says “you’re just good at looking at everything in a { Good } way and making the best of it instead of dwelling on the negatives”.

I completely agree… it takes far more energy to run around like a nut and Bitch complain about stuff then if you were to just deal with it and move on. I am seriously READY to move and start over. I just feel like I need another fresh start.

When I married {G} and moved to Mitchell, SD he had already been living in the house for a year and a half. As much as I have wanted to make it more of my style it just hasn’t happened. I think in part because we both knew that SD was not going to be a long term home for us. I am SUPER DUPER ( people still say that right? ) excited to move into a house with {G} and make it our own. Pick out argue over paint color swatches, decide where to hang paintings and photos, go to Lowes and look at all the aisles to get home decor ideas. I’ve already made a pinterest.com pin board for every room of the house! IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS

Here are some of my favorite:

i love painted dressersold dresser painted with no drawer frontsWould use for my kids' friends pictures!

Love Maps!DIY: yarn wrapped lettersWall paper & labeled glass containers... a pantry can't get any better, can it?

Cork letters. These would be fun and really easy to make.waines coating back wall

Also… just wanted to throw it out there but there is only 1 day of work left this week!


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