April 9, 2012

Easter Wrap Up

My Easter was pretty much a non-existent holiday this year. Living 1,400 miles from family will do that. Instead {G} and I opted for a lovely day of relaxation and couples time. It seems funny to say “Couples Time” when all of you are probably thinking… you have no family around and friends are few… and your married… isn’t every day couples time? If you are married then you know that even when you live together you have to make couples time.

{G} is often away during the week and so weekends sometimes turn into getting our “List” done around the house. Yes, we do these things together… No, I don’t see it as quality time spent together. Helping my husband change the oil in the jeep is not fun times to this girl.

What I did find enjoyable was going to see “American Reunion” on Saturday night. SUPER FUNNY – this is a must watch! We then woke up at 7:30am to make a nice egg, bacon, and toast breakfast with coffee as we watched “Property Brothers”. We always try and guess which house they will renovate! After that we did change the oil in the Jeep then played with Winston for awhile. Then had lunch and went on a long walk to the neighborhood up the hill. The nice mile walk turned into a fun time of talking about moving to Iowa and what we will miss about Mitchell and what we will look forward to. It was nice to talk about something we are really both looking forward to.

After our walk we went and rented a red box movie… and grabbed two milk shakes from McDonalds. {G} pulled the wicker chairs off the front porch and put them in the front yard in the sun. This is great since it was much warmer but man did we look like some “Billys” as people drove by. Oh well, we are past caring.

Later that evening we watched the movie and I made a 2lbs ham, with scalloped cheesy potatoes, and apple sauce. That was the extent to our Easter Super, but it was a fabulous day spent with the husband that I don’t get to see all that often.

He’s back to Iowa this week and I’m home figuring out how to Slow down April… Is it me or is is flying by already???


  1. Sounds like a nice Easter together!! xoxo

  2. sounds like a great easter to me! mine was very similar! :)


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