April 5, 2012

Cleaning up Throw up is LOVE…

So today I had to laugh because at 6:13 this morning {G} came up from the gym and Winston followed. Usually I sleep in a bit since he wakes up at 3:55am to go… FORGET THAT! Winston always pounds up the steps and leaps onto the bed to say “Daddy’s HOME, wake up!” in which I usually still ignore and go back to sleep. Today Winston did not do that, instead he laid his head next to mine and looked over the side of the bed and did this:

And what did {G} do? He said “Eww gross Winston” and slowly backed away. Well, that’s my cue…. Throw up patrol. I just looked at {G} and said, “What are you going to do when we have kids?” and he just said his infmaous line of “You do it better”.

This made me think of my post today… What will it be like when we are parents some day… I can kind of tell by how we react with Winston? Who will be good at what… will I always be on throw up duty? Either way I know we’ll be able to do it together just like my parents did.

{ Mom’s may be be better at taking care of sick kids and cuddling } 


{ Dad’s are always better at putting on band aids and saying lets try again. }

Happy Easter everyone, Enjoy the 3 day weekend!

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  1. It will definitely be a learning experience for both of you. Chad and I are learning everyday with Weston and who does what better. I cannot wait for you two to have kids!!


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