April 4, 2012

I’m a Stress Mess

By now, age 26, I have come to really know my body’s stress points. I am really good at holding my stress levels below the surface until the point that it is ready to burst through my pores.

I remember back in high school I was so stressed sophomore year that I broke out in stress rashes on my arms. That year was the last year I devoted myself to all state choir. It was way to much stress for a 15 year old.

During my second year of teaching I had a complete melt down during an open house in which I cried to my supervisor for 30 minutes. At that point I was running a full AG program with a barn and greenhouse at the high school, preparing my students for the State FFA competitions, two weeks into head coaching the girls soccer team for the second year, teaching 7 courses (5 different units), and of course planning a wedding.

Today I started to feel my stress level start to rise a little. No doubt it has to do with the fact that in t-minus 24 days we will be closing on the house here in Mitchell. We are still working on a living situation in Iowa so until that is cemented I think the next 24 days will be interesting. We are lucky enough to be relocating with a company so I do not have to worry about calling a moving company. They even come in an pack it all up for us! We still have to worry about the stuff they will not take such as; paint, cleaning supplies, guns, ammo, lumber, and possibly our kayaks. I am also starting to run the “List” through my brain and file things in certain areas that I will probably forget later on.

I also just found out that our family Beagle “Jackson” has not been himself and after x-rays were taken it was discovered that he has a large mass on his spleen. :( Poor Jackie. Today he is going into surgery to have it removed and to biopsy it for cancer. Jackson is getting older so we want him to be comfortable. I’m praying for his little life and that he gets better.

I have to laugh at myself because people in the office must think I’m a weirdo. I usually play Pandora to have some background music and have recently started playing stations with “The sounds of the ocean & the sounds of the rainforest. It really helps me to distress and doesn’t cost anything.

Does anyone else have any ideas to combat stress for ZERO $. I know I can go buy a spa day but I don’t have time or money for it so I’d love to hear your ideas. :)

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