April 19, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday’s – Pin it

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It was just one of those days.

This week I found some awesome Pins that I added to my boards. Once again I’m pinning like crazy but who knows where I will have the time for any of these projects! It’s nice to dream, right?
1.                                               2.                                        3.

My heart's in Montana  aluminum by zailove on Etsy, $14.00It took a little practice, but I finally got it!  How to fold a fitted sheet.drawer pulls for kitchen

4.                                                    5.                                                 6.
County Kitchen With DIY Reclaimed Wood Countertop    #Butcher Block Countertop  #countertopMagnetic Menu Boardpossible

7.                                                    8.                                              9.
This cracks me upLove this!!how to transfer a photocopy picture onto canvas...ive always wanted to know how to do this
  1. I want this necklace but in the shape of Delaware since my heart will always be there no matter where I live.
  2. I have tried and tried to fold a fitted sheet properly and I have not succeeded. This makes me want to try again!
  3. These cabinet fronts are exactly what I want for my kitchen someday. The hardware is okay.
  4. I thought I wanted a granite counter top but I’ve seen a lot of butcher block tops and am in LOVE.
  5. I want to be better at planning our meals for the week & month. I would love to try this organization technique.
  6. I want to print this photo and frame it for the Kitchen
  7. This puppy picture makes me laugh every time I see it, Hil-Ar-Ious!
  8. I want to make this in the shapes of DE and MD and put them around the house to go along with the Maps I am going to frame as shown in my post last week.
  9. Buying canvas photos can be extremely expensive, this is cheaper and looks just as nice.
I can’t wait to have my own crafting station in the basement! Right now I have one of the guest rooms in our current house that was supposed to be my craft/office/closet, but I honestly never use it since it is up stairs in a cold or hot room that I feel I can’t get messy. I plan to have a separate area in the basement for all my craft items. Then I can be as messy creative as I want :)

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