March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up - Appetite Fulfilled

Yesterday we went and saw The Hunger Games !!! I thought they did a great job with keeping the movie in line with the book. There were a few little changes but nothing that was too far fetch from the story line of the book. I’ve been hearing a lot about parents not wanting their kids to watch this movie because “it’s a bunch of teenagers killing themselves”. I’m just kind of confused. I myself am not a parent yet but I just don’t see myself saying “No” to a movie like this down the road. I believe that The Hunger Games is very much the same as Lord of the Flies which we read in middle school as a mandatory assignment set by the state of education.  They are both about survival, instinct, and in some ways government corruption. The production company did great with the rating of the movie as well. There was no cursing, other then the word “Hell” which was a breath of fresh air. The killing scenes were some what bloody but they didn’t focus on the actually slaughter of the teenagers, and I’ve seen much worse on TV. I will say the book is amazing and that when it comes time for me to say “No” to my kids I will make sure to read the book for myself before hand but that’s just me and we all have our own parenting values.

This weekend went fast once again, as it always does. Even with the longer days I just feel like the time flies. It may have to do with the fact that {G} has left again for Ames, IA as of this morning. It really stinks to see him go, I’m starting to resent it a little more each week. I know this will get better once we move and are living in the same house during the week again. It can’t come soon enough!

{G} finished “Project Pedal Tractor” on Sunday! Yay! 

{ Before & During Restoration }

{ Complete Restoration of 1970’s Ford 8000 pedal tractor }

{G} was so cute when he finished. I kept catching him admiring the work that he did. Right now we have it in a corner at the top on the landing of the stairs. It’s a great corner to have it in so that it is out of they way, but also so that he can see it. I tried riding it but that medal seat hurts my bum way too much!  Not to mention my legs are just too long.

{Home Updates}

The inspector is at our house right now completing his check list of items. They are checking for any issues in the Septic, electrical, and foundation. I am hoping everything will go well, this entire inspection holds weight on if the people who placed the offer will go forth in buying our house. {G} and I are starting to sweat here. If this does go through we will officially be homeless as of April 27th. We need to find a home ASAP!

There may be one that surprised us over the weekend. It’s not something we were looking for but it may just be what is meant to be. {G} is going to look at it early this week. If he likes it, I am headed down to Ames to take a look for myself and give the okay to put down an offer. I don’t want to say too much about the home but lets just say I’ve always considered myself a “anti-horse” person. Cows, pigs, and chickens are far more practical in my eyes… this home is definitely a place for these hay eating 4 legers.

I will tell you more about it later this week… hope you are curious. ;)

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