March 27, 2012

Tips for Tuesday – Trends to Avoid

January Jones Eats Own Placenta: Healthy or Ick?

Wowie wowie WOW! I just could not believe my eyes when I read this article from yesterday! Actually, I heard it first on the way to work when I was driving. All I heard was  “people eating the afterbirth for nutritional value”… I listened but didn’t know why they brought it up… now I know why. Click here for article.

January… you are one crazy South Dakotan Native gone Hollywood! But in all honesty…how crazy is she? I mean think about it… if eating placenta capsules magically made you lose 10 lbs…. or it cleared skin acne… or it helped to heal cancer or HIV… wouldn’t we all eat it? These are all things that people want and need and that is a very powerful thing. However, since eating placentas has not been found to advance a new mommy’s health in anyway since we are already healthy I think I am going to PASS on this one.

If you are down with new trends by all means gorge yourself to death… I’ll even help you with a website on “Placenta Recipes”… they have Roasted Placenta, Placenta Cocktails, Placenta Spaghetti, or you can dehydrate it to save for later on.

Subway Tile Back Splash


I have noticed during my OCD of the “HGTV channel that subway tile is the new decor trend in homes for 2012. I’m not really sold on this yet. Currently I think it looks ok, yea I could like it, but then I think to 10-15 years from now and think, “Man… people are going to think this was UGLY”! I know, I know… live in the NOW. I’m just not quite sold though. I do LOVE tile back splash, just not in the subway tile. What are you thoughts?

Missoni Fashion Trend Sells out in Minutes at Target


Remember these looks shown not too long ago on TV commercials for Target?

I remember seeing some of the first commercials and thinking to myself “ Cute shoes… not so cute lamp shades, blankets, and rugs. Flash back to the 60’s”. I am glad I did not rush to target to buy some of these items, they sold out in the matter of a day! Funny thing is that even with target selling out of these items I don’t really remember seeing too many people wearing these items. Do you? I work on a college campus so I would thinking that of all the people who would wear this trend it would’ve been the college students. Did you partake in the Missoni craze, if so what did you buy and would you wear it next fall?

Hair Feather Extensions

Seriously… not trying to offend anyone here but I never did understand this trend. Who started it? It’s really no different then when I was little and we did “Hair wraps.” Remember those… You were even cooler if you had the beads at the ends that clank together. I begged my mom at Disney World to let me have one.


I do think that they are really cute… that is for anyone who is not in a professional job. Once you hit 24 you really need to LET go of some of these trends… They may be cute but I guarantee you are getting the wrong types of looks.

What trends did you pass up so far in 2012?

What trends do you see emerging as we hit spring/summer?

Am I wrong in thinking to pass on all of the above?

I’d love to hear your comments!


  1. Eww... placenta. That has to be like, some form of cannibalism, right? Yuck. I actually like the subway tile thing (it's cute in the kitchen, not so much the bathroom) Really, I've never been into trends for their own sake. In school, if the "popular" girls were doing one thing, I would make a point to do the opposite.

  2. Maureen, I completly agree, That is cannibalism! I am not a huge trend follower either... the belly piercing thing was huge in high school and I opted out when I walked into a bathroom to see a classmate cleaning her bloody infection from the peircing... seriously that was the cool thing? I think not. Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. I am disgusted by the ignorance surrounding placenta consumption. I ask that you do research not found in the mass media/gossip magazines and retain more knowledge on how it benefits milk production, lowers risks of PPD, and provides nutrients to help mamas heal after giving birth.

    Also your placenta is a part of you. Cannibalism is eating other people, not parts of yourself. Ridiculous.


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