March 23, 2012

Hungry for the Hunger Games!


I am stoked that the hunger games has now officially come out in theaters as of last night! I envy you young college kids that had to energy to see the late night screenings and I myself would’ve if I didn’t have such a busy day at work today. Ha… who am I kidding, that’s a lie! I love my sleep too much, it can certainly wait until Saturday. For the next two days I will be avoiding Face Book, any blogs mentioning the hunger games, TV recaps, and anyone who has already seen the movie. I do not want any preconceived ideas of how the showings went, whether good or bad. I haven’t been this excited since… well … Twilight, but even that was different. I wasn’t on board until later after the books had been out for awhile.

 hunger games.... love itHunger Games!You'd totally win the Hunger Games if passive-aggressive behavior could kill.


May you not be slaughtered by teenagers while fighting for a good seat at The Hunger Games.   Can't freaking wait until midnight! Happy Hunger Games! EEEE!   Hunger Games Obsession.


                               I wish the cast of Jersey Shore and the Kardashians had to compete in the Hunger Games.   hunger games.


This week has been pretty low key at home. {G} is gone again this week in Iowa and I am left here in Mitchell. I did have fun on Tuesday though, I went to my friend Teri’s house and we made pizza with her boys and then played soccer. The rest of the week its been a little rainy. My knee is acting up again so I haven’t run all week either. All of those years of soccer certainly was hard on my knees and now it’s scary that I already feel the impact of it at 26 years old. :(

We are at a stand still with our home here in Mitchell. We did get a bid and accepted but now have to wait. On Monday an inspector will come through the house and check it for bugs, structural defects, and the septic tank. Then, by Thursday of next week the purchasers either have to accept, counter, or drop their offer. I believe that they will purchase the home no matter what, but if they counter we don’t think were going to drop too far off of the bid they already gave. Who knows… prayers would be great so if you have any to spare on Monday send them our way. :)

{G} is working in Iowa but is also looking at houses. I’m super jealous that he gets to go through all these homes! All I can do is sit here and look on the internet at the houses and then ask him a million and one questions. “So in the pictures it looks like the bathroom is at the end of the hall? Is there a bed room on the first floor? What about the cellar, what shape is it in? Do appliance come with? what about… yada yada yada.” It is exhausting! I want to be able to be there and walk through with him. Which will happen again eventually. If he finds a home that he thinks we need to jump on then I’ll be on my way to Iowa for a day to look only to turn around and come back the next day. Some of the homes we were at the top of our list are now off our list due to “re-walk through’s” that {G} has done.

I trust my husband very much with , we have talked about what we really want in a home and I think he is just really trying to find the best house for us. Once he finds one worth a second look I will of course go down to Iowa as well and take a look-see. Hopefully sooner than later.

Happy Hunger Games everyone!

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