March 15, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays - Blog Hop

Happy Thursday everyone! Only two more work days until it's Saturday! (I'm counting today since its still only 8am- BLAHHH) It's going to be another fantastic weekend and it's also St. Patty's Day Saturday so hopefully everyone has their plans to go drink some green beer! I'm still trying to convince the Hubby to go out on the town for one night.

My morning started out crazy... I did NOT want to get out of bed and with that was later then usual. I thought I was going to be ok with time until I received a phone call. Who calls at 7:40am??? The post office. "Hello mamm, we have a very large package here that our mail jeep can not deliver, can you drop by the post office today to pick it up?" Whelp, I guess {G}'s pedal tractor is in. "Yes, I can come by in my jeep and get it but is someone going to help me load it?" "um... let me check" .... as I'm on hold I'm still trying to put my boots on and sweater over the head. "Yes, mamm... Did you say you drive a car? Because we don't think it will fit in the trunk, but you could bungie the trunk down and that would work." "No... I have a jeep liberty so it will fit fine, I will just need help getting it in the jeep since I was told is weighs over 50 lbs." "Okay! we'll see you at noon today".

Amazingly to my surprise I am driving to work on time! A sudden thought pops in my mind... they can help me get it in the jeep but how will I get it out.... DARNIT! It's just me and the dog until tomorrow so this afternoon may be interesting. I got to work and as soon as I sat at my desk I remembered a very Important task that I forgot to do... { TRASH DAY }!!!!! I didn't put the trash out! CRAP! Our trash only comes the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month and growing up I was never in charge of the trash that was my brothers chore so I always forget and then {G} gives me the look of "Great, now the garage is going to smell". I also was really wanting to get the trash out today because on Tuesday I filled an entire can with junk from my closest in my office. I am downsizing to get ready for the move. So after all this is running through my head I tell my co-worker I have to run home to get the trash out and she just laughs at me.

So with that this has been a Terrific morning... I hope all of you had a better one then mine!

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