March 14, 2012

Home Staging Part II – Outside Staging

As I said before the weather here in South Dakota is finally breaking and I can feel and see that spring is emerging .The grass is poking up through the dead rug of winter, birds are singing (it’s driving Winston nuts), and the sun is warm on my face as I take my daily runs. With all of this happening George and I are thrilled with up coming house showings that will be stopping by. We know that our home is beautiful in the spring and summer and it not so beautiful in the winter… actually it is pretty drab. Everything is dead outside, our house has a grayish/brown tint with maroon window paint, half the time you can’t see how big the yard is because there is too much snow to do a walk around the outside, and our cute patio is completely covered as well.

Maybe its me but I think that when trying to sell your home you should do whatever you can to add unique items that make that home really pop. Our house has a lot of outdoor charm to it that doesn’t show well in the winter, but now it definitely will be a benefit to us.

{ Front Porch }

We have a large front porch that frames the home nicely as you walk up the sidewalk to the home. On the porch we have large outdoor rugs and white wicker furniture. When the weather gets even warmer I hang my flowering baskets on the porch and also add some large flowering pots to the left of the entrance. We have a cute little sunflower that gets put up on the wall of the porch as well that adds a little big of country charm. {G}’s favorite is the American Flag that he puts up every morning and takes down every night.

{ Side Yard }

For only living on an acre our side yard is a decent size, this is where Winston plays soccer. He can run and we don’t have to worry about cars distracting him. It’s also really pretty since there is a grouping of trees where the yard ends and the tall prairie grass starts. Last year we bought a huge netted hammock and hung it in the trees. It’s a great place to read a book or take a nap since it’s very private. We also have an area that we tilled for a small garden. :)

{ Road side Patio }

We have a mudroom in the back of the house that leads to our outdoor cement patio. It’s a great area to entertain. We have a table, chairs, and umbrella that goes out there along with two benches. There is a large bolder that is flat on top that we use for our little grill to sit on. Last year I also bought a large wine barrel pot that sits on the corner of the patio, I planted bright blue, pink, and green flowers that you would surely notice from driving by.

{ Hard Workers }

{G} and I are really hard workers and in the summer have a project every weekend that involves maintaining or upgrading our yard and garden. Why do we do this? Well, honestly we love nice things and don’t get a chance to show off that stuff with family gathers or friends coming to the house so the place that we can showcase it is outside to strangers driving by. We love thinking that our home stands out as you drive by since were the first house you go by on the east end of 1st street in our town. All the other homes past ours until town are newer “golf course” homes. We want our tiny home to live up to the area of town that it is in…. and possibly be better looking as well :) Geez I really sounds like a east coaster now… oh well..

{ What I did for a showing yesterday }

Yesterday we got to 81 degrees here and I knew we were having a showing at 4pm so at lunch I went home and did a little outdoor staging. I put the flag up since I forgot to that morning, hung our little Sun flower on the porch, got the hammock out and put it up, and opened some windows to create a nice breeze through the home. I think little touches like this help to showcase the home and have people feel like this could be their home. It also helped that people were out golfing and fishing yesterday as well. :)

We were REALLY hoping to get an offer soon and I just know that with this weather it’s only going to get better!

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