March 13, 2012

Tips for Tuesday – Birthday Cake Remix!

Last Thursday I was reading through my Google Reader catching up on all the new post from that day when I came across the coolest idea from the “Brownpaper—Packages” blog that I follow.

I am a believer that things happen for a reason. I have listened a lot in chapel lately about how “things DON’T just happen for a reason” but in my heart I just don’t believe it. I believe I’m in SD for a reason, I believe that Winston was the last one in the litter that no one wanted for a reason {God’s place for him was with us}, and I believe that I saw this blog post on Thursday afternoon for a REASON!

My co-worker Mateya’s birthday was coming up last Saturday and she announced she was bringing in Breakfast Pizza to work on Friday morning. {Another new thing I have never had before living in SD, yummy yummy} I remembered her saying that she LOVES the popcorn balls from the corn palace and I know she’s not a huge chocolate lover so that fact that I came across this the day before her birthday was insane. It looked really cute, inexpensive, and may I add DELICIOUS!

I don’t like to take sources from other bloggers work so if you click on the picture above you can retrieve the ingredient and steps on how to make it. I will just add my experience below:

{ How long did this take }

7 minutes! This is so easy! You can melt the marshmallows while you are popping the popcorn, just keep an eye on the stove and make sure to stir the mallows often so they don’t burn on the bottom.

{ What if I don’t have an air popper for plain kernels? }

I used regular microwave popcorn but made sure that it was very little salt and butter. It was just enough! I also used low fat butter to melt the marshmallows… lets face it people mallows have enough sugar you don’t need all that extra fat to make this.

{ Does it really take on the Bundt tin shape }

YES! Once I mixed all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl I had my Bundt pan ready. I poured the mixture in and pressed it lightly with a rubber spatula to fit the pan. I then put it in the refrigerator for 10-15 mins to cool. Once it was cool I took a knife and gently started to work the form onto a plate. It popped out easier then I thought, and if you have a pan that is non-stick you don’t have to add grease.

{ What I will do next time }

My only “whoops” was not sifting through the popcorn before I mixed everything together. Whenever you pop popcorn you always get a few buggers that don’t pop. I forgot and with that sometimes you got a bite with a kernel in it that you had to spit out.

{ Overall Comments }

I took it to work the next day and Mateya loved it! Everyone in the office said it was good and I made sure everyone took a piece home with them in a little baggie. I would make this again in a heart beat!
I definitely recommend this for moms out there that have a kid that isn’t a fan of cake for their birthday or even special events like showers, adult b-days, and holidays. I think we always resort to “ice cream cake” in that instance but this is another way to revamp a cake and it’s guaranteed to be yummy and not melt all over the place!

Don’t forget to swing by { The Momma Bear Diaries } to see my blog featured in her post today. :)


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