February 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was fairly uneventful for once, {G} and I had no plans what so ever! This is such a break from our usual get up and go go go schedule. I love weekends like this one but as usual I’m am always asked, “So what do you want to do this weekend?”. Well, what I really want to do verses what I know he will want to do are two completely different answers. I know I am NOT alone in this.

{ What I really want to do is }

Sleep in until 8:30… slowly make coffee and breakfast. Sit and watch Property Brothers in my PJ’s until 11 or so while consuming coffee and breakfast. Get showered and dressed around noon… run a few errands… Finally go see “The Vow”. Return to vegging out on the coach. I know I sound like a slacker… I’m really not.

{ What I know my husband wants my answer to be }

Get up at 4am with him to go to the gym, eat breakfast, get showered & dressed by 8:30-9am, run errands, do house chores, laundry, relax a bit, find something to keep us occupied.

{ What my compromise is }

Knowing that I need to come up with something to do, “Hey, lets refurbish the old piece of furniture you have had sitting in basement for 3 years!” {G}, “Yeah, that would be good project for the new house.” And it begins… He goes to gym at 5am.. I sleep until 7:30. We both eat breakfast and have our coffee. Get dressed by 9am, run to Menards to get supplies for project then run to Wal-Mart to get lunch meat and other items on our list. Come home and start tackling part 1 of refurbishing.


This is the piece {G} picked up at a furniture auction back in 2009. Some how it slipped onto the trailer of what he had purchased so he paid $0 for it. It’s kind of a mail desk/ dresser/ armoire that can be used for anything. I had looked at it a few months ago and realized that some old shutters that were in the basement when we purchased our home would fit where the current doors are. This would work great since I don’t feel like figuring out where to buy replacement glass for the current ones and think that it adds some uniqueness to the furniture.


Here is {G} looking to see if the hinges will work out right with Shutter doors instead of the current ones. Winston is always by our sides on projects making sure we are doing it right. :)

So far between Saturday and Sunday we have Sanded the piece down & painted it with two coats. We didn’t prime it before hand so it’s soaking the paint up more in some spots then others so at this point we have to do some touch ups, add the hinges, put on the shutters, get pretty drawer liners, and possibly spray it with a gloss enamel.

*Note: If you are going to re-use shutters be aware that it is a VERY tedious project. You have to get into every little space and make sure not to paint the shutters shut. And you have to do this front and back multiple times.

{G} has had a cold for the past couple days and was super tired by the afternoon so we decided it was a great place to stop. We should be able to work on this a little throughout the week. I can’t wait to show off the final product even though it will sit in our basement until we move.

{ Can you guess what color we painted it??? }

Other then our little project taking over most of the weekend we didn’t get into too much. {G} took me out on a dinner date to Ruby Tuesday’s Saturday night then we had a fire and watched the second half to “Hangover Part II”. SOOO ridiculously funny. Sunday, we went outside for a while and played with Winston in the snow.. it was a high of 29 degrees so that didn’t last too long. Then we went back and forth with watching the Oscars and “Tastiest Foods in America”. My vote was for the Oscars.

* Circ de Soleil was the best part of the entire event! AMAZING!


Viola Davis was snubbed! I know that Meryl Streep was wonderful in “The Iron Lady” but “The Help” is such a compelling story and really needed a strong actress in the part of Aibileen to do the book justice. My only hope is that Viola Davis will get another chance in the future to hold such a compelling role again.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

See you tomorrow for “Tips for Tuesday!”


  1. I can't wait to see the final product! I feel like I have something in common with you because I'm preparing for a big move!

  2. If I had one, I'd paint it yellow. :) Looks great so far!

  3. Thanks Sharisse! I had thought of yellow but we went with another color. I'm hoping to have this project done by the end of the week. Thanks for following!


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