February 23, 2012

Keeping Life Simple - KLS

Acronyms have taken over social media sites, teenage conversations, and the Jersey Shore.

I'm 26 years old and cant keep up with the techy world that surrounds me and the English language that I thought I use to speak well. When did we start talking in #hashtags? I completely missed the boat on this one... It must have Sailed right on by as i was leaving delaware a year and a half ago. Also, I read facebook all the time and I still don't know what the letters "SMH" means!

Ok this bothered me so much I just this minute googled it... Shaking my head... Really?

If the jersey shore can get away with GLT then let's KLS "keep life simple" while I post on the simple things that made my week:


It snowed the first substantial snowfall of the year on Monday February 20th! It's a little late for South Dakota but it was beautiful "east coast" snow... Heavy. Wet. Fluffy. And most melted away after 24 hours! Love that kind of snow! Usually it's light, blows around where you just scooped it up from, and never leaves.

{ Big Bang Theory }

Sheldon played the bongos this week! I don't care how many reruns or even new episodes I watch... It's funny every time!

{ Playing in the Snow }

Today it snowed another 3-4 inches in Mitchell. When I got home at 5 I had to jump on the four wheeler and plow the driveway again. Winston loves to ride along. Then as we were about to walk in the door I thought "what am I doing! I have snow pants, coat, gloves, boats and it's snowing! I have to play in this stuff!" So that's exactly what Winston and I did for another 40 mins until it got too dark outside. We even made a snowman for {G} to come home to with a little hat arms and face.
Winston and I had a blast, that is until he tried to eat our snowman's face off.


Winston was a little jealous of the snowman's hat....

{ Spinach }

That's right people ... I love me some spinach! Especially fresh leaves cooked up in a small dab of veggie oil. Mmmm mmmm I've even had it raw on all my sandwiches this week.

{ American Idols top 24 }

All of the contestant that I wanted to stay ended up getting through! Super excited for next week. Also who will get invited to be the 13th guy on Tuesday? My guess is Evan.

{ Conversations with my sister }


{ The Weekend }

Cheers to the freaken weekend! {G} and I have nothing planned! We may work on a fun project by refinishing a mail cabinet that he bought 4 years ago that's been sitting in our basement. Also it's Oscar night on Sunday! I can't wait for the follow up of fashion police on Monday!

What things made your week?

Also my blog hop from yesterday is still open, if you are new to the site and want to post your blog for readers to check out please add it :)

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  1. I love your blog! Your pup is adorable. My dog would probably do the same thing to a snowman if we had snow, then ny daughter would probably yell at her. Lol


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