February 28, 2012

Tips for Tuesday! Snail Mail …

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Tips for Tuesday! Today’s tips are going to be centered around my Simply Adapting Theme focusing today on, “Keeping your mailing addresses”

Well, there are a 101 things to do before you move and everyone has their own scenarios such as mine with Selling a Home this time around and oh yea… buying another first! Maybe you are in a situation where you need to find daycares or a school district for your kiddies. Mine will be searching for a good kennel once I move.

One thing that I am certainly glad that I did was collect & save all the addresses from our wedding. If you’re not completely in tune with my moving situation here’s the DL… In 4 days I packed up a u-haul filled with my life from Delaware, had a wedding rehearsal, a wedding with 180 people, and drove 1,400 miles in two days to my new home in South Dakota. Not only was I able to use the addresses for Thank you notes after my wedding but I have used them many times over to send Christmas cards, birthdays cards, thinking of you cards, wedding gifts, etc!

It’s really hard to stay in touch on a personal level and sending written snail mail is a wonderful gesture. Facebook, Skype, Twitter are great as well but nothing says I care like receiving REAL MAIL! Who doesn’t get excited when you get personal letters in the mail?!? I DO! I DO!

Another thought with saving your mailing addresses is that I just cannot wait to mail out “We Moved” cards! I’ve seen them on shutterfly.com and just love the idea. Especially for those friends that I haven’t contacted recently. It’s a wonderful way to give people an updated picture of you and your family along with the new address of your home.

Here is an example of a generic.. yet CUTE moving card to send!

Moving Announcement Postcards Whimsical Way - Front : Kiwi


I really want to have a picture of {G}, Winston, and myself in front of our new home in Iowa… Only a few problems with that…

#1: We need to buy a house first

#2: We need an address for that house

#3: We need an actual moving date

* Update! {G} and I are going to Ames, Iowa for a long weekend this week to travel around and view homes with our Realtor! Can’t wait to let you all know how that goes! SUPER EXCITED!

Remember if you’re moving to start collecting those mailing addresses, put them in a cute notebook or if you are techy add them to an online resource like Yahoo.com contacts.


Please join me tomorrow in Welcoming my first guest post!

Mandy will be sharing her Simply Adapting Story which takes place in


Belfast, Northern Ireland!

I’m jealous already! ;)


  1. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog via Linky and am a new fan!! I think snail mail is so special as well, in fact I feel kinda bad because I got married in August and still haven't mailed all of my thank you's. The shutterfly card is a great option though! Nice blog!! www.questofthenocturnalbaker.blogspot.com

  2. Yay!! Can't wait to hear about your long weekend there!!! Have fun!! :)

  3. Thanks for joining Flock Together today! I am now your happy LF follower!


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