February 13, 2012

Part II: Here vs. There {Food}

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I sure did! My husband took me for a lovely dinner in the city of Sioux Falls which is an hour from home. We love this Brazilian Steak house called “Carnival” since we can GORG on endless cuts of beef for hours. Lets just say we hit the gym HARD Sunday. Well, leading up from all this food talk is part II of my Here vs. There post I started last week. 

{Eating Out}

What’s not to like about food where ever you live or move to? It’s always frightening exciting to try new things, right?

Right away I missed being from a larger population because of our fast food choices. Here are my FAVORITES that they don’t have out here in South Dakota. You can even click the photos to go to their home sites to see what they serve. Oh the comforts of home!


There you have it my favorite places from back in Delaware. Now you may ask, well what does South Dakota have to replace these wonderful eateries. I can’t replace my favorites, I will always long for them, but surely I can find something else to satisfy my cravings.

Culver's - Welcome to Delicious Yes Culvers… you succeeded in your slogan! You have Welcomed me to the deliciousness of your concrete mixers, burgers, and chicken fingers. Seriously, some of the best Custard I have ever had! MMM MMM! I still think it’s funny when George goes through the drive through and ask for a Cement Mixer… they always pause then ask… you mean Concrete mixer? Ha gets me every time.

Qdoba satisfies every spicy, juicy, yummy Mexican craving that I’ve ever had. We don’t have one in town so I try and go when I see one in the city.

Chef Louie’s is our favorite steak house in South Dakota. It’s great mid – west steaks cooked perfectly to order. Their biscuits are in home made and just melt on your mouth. Even if you don’t get a steak you can be sure that everything on the menu is DIVINE!

I have yet to try Cherry Berry but I’m sure its super yummy! A yogurt bar is coming to Mitchell, SD but most likely I’ll be moved on by then… FIGURES.

There ya go! If you’re ever out here in South Dakota be sure to stop into one of these places, I’m promise you won’t be let down.

{What the heck is a hot dish?}

Some of the other fun things that I have learned about food out here is that a Casserole and a Hot Dish are the same thing! Who would’ve thought!
    Mid-West = Hot Dish Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

East Coast = Casserole
Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe


What do Beer, Green Olives, and Tomato juice have in common?

Nothing, if your from the East Coast! However to a mid-westerner they will say the best tasting beer around! Can I just have my Yuengling back? No, cause they don’t serve them here. :(

I’ve even seen people put pickle spears in their beers. I have not tried this mix nor of the above olive and tomato juice but I believe that I need to in order to fully immense myself in the culture.

But I don’t think it will be anytime soon.. ;)


  1. Ok, I am REALLY not looking forward to saying goodbye to Wawa...I think thats the worst! BUT there is at least 1 dunkin donuts and even a Ritas within 30 min of where I am moving in Texas...thank goodness. Texas has these cute little no name donut shops too and some awesome coffee...they have some crazy good food, I'm happy about that. But man...I will miss my Wawa and Thrashers too...and I hope I can find some good pizza! Oh and I found a place that serves Dogfish head beer...like little DE in Texas :)

    1. Wawa has been the hardest for me to let go! Casey's gas stop is the closet we have to it and I'm too set in my WaWa ways to try it. I was also amazed to find Dogfish Head at a steakhouse in the Black Hills near Mt. Rushmore! I left it out of my post by accident by there is the "Pizza Ranch" here out in the midwest that has yummy fried chicken, pizza, and Dessert Pizza! mmm mmm ... it's still no Grottos though.

  2. Too funny! Seriously a place just for french fries??? Sign me up!

    And for the record we call them "casseroles" too :)

    1. Ha, yes Thrashers is a beach stand on the board walk in Rehobeth, DE that serves fresh cut fries that are AMAZING! They give them to you in a bucket and even have the vinegar there to add on top. I'm not a fan of vinegar but people say it makes them to die for!


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