February 10, 2012

Here vs. There…


So yesterday my colleague at work (Mateya) and I were talking about hair cuts and the difference between East and Midwest so it really got me thinking of how it would be fun to list the other differences between here and there! Before I start I just want to say I may poke fun at both East and West but it’s not to offend anyone. This post is only going to be about hair, next week I’ll cover the topic of Food; recipes, fast food, alcoholic beverages.

{ HAIR }

This goes back to over the summer when we were on a work related trip and one of the other girls had asked if anyone had a “Pick” and surely being the non-raised mid-westerner I ask" “What’s a pick?”. Oh the laughter started. “Seriously though what is a pick?”

This is a pick. “Duh I know that” I said! But why do you need one? They respond to comb out their wet hair. Oh… well I just use a comb for that. (Same difference) Where I come from I usually only see picks in a fro or at the salon when an elderly lady has just gotten her hair in a perm.  Now I own a pick…

Also, a big difference I noticed right away when I moved here is that big hair isn’t just in Texas! Its a movement that must have come up on the cattle trails to the upper mid-west cause hair around her can get pretty large and in charge! (Also, another reason to own a pick) When our friends came to visit last July they noticed right away while we were at the bar in town. One of the waitresses had back combed (teased)her hair and had it up in a pony. My friend just could not get over the girls hair. I just kept saying, it’s just how some girls wear it here, not everyone but some… and that’s not the biggest I have seen. Like in the picture to the right here.. subtle but I’ve seen it WAY bigger. I happen to love it. East Coaster have flat hair… There I said it! We call it Sleek and Classic where as it’s really just un-styled and flat ironed. I want to disclose that I am keeping New Jersey girls out of my current statement since Snookie sweeps the US for biggest Poof of all time. Points for the Mid-West though, go on with your big bad hair! I like it!

To the left a picture of Katie Holmes with the usually sleek and flat hair, typical to the area I grew up in.

{ Hair Coloring } There really is no difference in techniques of how you color your hair, but the color in which you choose to color I find different as well. And this could be just my perspective since I’ve been here for a year this could' be going on back east, but I didn’t see it when I was home for Christmas. Color back east is usually as natural an effect you can get with out going out of the box. Or if you do go out of the box you go for it all one color or not at all. Like people that color their hair a red with purple tint, all or nothing but still classic. Out here I see more of a dramatic styling. Underneath it is a darker shade and then worked through it are all sorts of other shades. Lots more contrast in the colors one super dark then other light and in chunks. I’ve seen more skunk head bad east though. Again, not anything I don’t like because if I had the balls and if my husband wouldn’t kill me I’d probably take a stab at some more dramatic hair. It’s not everyone either, so I don’t want to paint a picture of clowns walking around everywhere, it’s just enough to make me notice a distinct difference between the East and Midwest. I tried to Google some pictures to give you an idea of what I am talking about.



                East Coast             


                 { Salons }

I have my options about salons and they could be from when I was younger I just felt like the hair stylist back East were always annoyed to cut a young adults hair so they ALWAYS made me feel intimidated, shy, and the stylist rarely ever talked. Now that I am older I can see it’s because I actually can relate to most of them with husbands, children (even if I don’t have then I can talk the talk), and work. I will say though, I have been in two salons now here in town and the stylist are nothing but nice to you. They almost talk to you like they have known you forever which is such a defeat since I’m not from here. For that reason I give the salons out here a higher mark for their personal touches on making you really feel like a hundred dollars when you walk out.

Have you noticed anything different about places you have lived in???

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  1. This was fun to read :) Glad you bought a pick haha!


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