February 2, 2012

Our Home Wish List


Everyone has their wish list of things they want in a home, but as humans we always want more. We all have our perfect dream home tucked away in the back of our minds in case we hit the lottery. Of course mine is the plantation home that was shown in the movie “The Notebook”.


Now only if this guy came with the house… 

J/K…  Love my husband!

On a more realistic note I have strung together some photos that showcase George and I’s wish list… although this is more of the “I” being myself list. These are not in any order.

Acreage: 2 + as much as we can get


Benefits: You don’t have a neighboring house that sometimes come with problems. There would be room to spread out!

Additional Buildings:

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We own two trucks, a jeep, a four-wheeler, riding lawn mower, 2 kayaks, and walk behind plow and they are all currently are living in our 2 car garage (George parks the company truck outside) We need at LEAST one other building. I really would like a small barn or farm shed to build a kennel for Winston.

Kitchen with island:


I would love to be able to cook and have extra counter top space, along with being able to have people sit and chat while I cook. In our current kitchen we have to stand and talk. There is no where to park it. PS- this picture is from a house on our list. Only bummer is no traditional dinning room.

 No fuss floors: throughout the home


Wood flooring (whether new or old) and tiled floors. Carpet is okay in some rooms but not if it’s UGLY. Yes we can always rip it out but the majority of the house needs to be completed already. (Another home pic from a different house on our list)

Office: + craft room for me


George will have an office at our new location but he is still going to need an office space. I would love it if we had a large enough office for the two of us… but if not I could certainly have craft room for myself.

3 Bed: + 2 bath

New Master Bath 1

Having our own master bath attached to our bed room would be a dream… having a bath on the same floor as our bed room = I’ll settle! I HATE walking up and down the steps to take showers.

Finished Basement:


I am not asking for it to be painted pretty or to have a bar with a pool table. I just think that having a finished basement allows for some room to grow. Craft room… Play room… additional family room… a place for all of George’s tractor toys???

Fireplace or Wood burning stove: or both?         


We have a fireplace in our Family room now and just love having fires on Sunday evenings. I think it would be really hard not to have one or the other in a house now. A Gas fireplace would be AMAZE! But lets not get ahead of ourselves, I’m trying to be realistic here!

Other then those things listed above the house has to be in range of driving distance for George’s work. I am hoping we can go look at houses soon. I’m starting to get antsy! I have to “De-associate” with the house I live in now, so I need to get “associated” with a house I’ll move it so I can focus my attention else where!

Am I asking too much? What is on your home wish list?


  1. For the record, we have a traditional dining room and NEVER use it. I think we've sat in there once. Even when we have people over everyone congregates in the kitchen :)

    Can't wait for you guys to start looking!!!

    1. Ha! You're just saying that because you want me to leave you our "Free" lovely dinning room set. j/k We don't need a formal room but we do need a place to a kitchen table at least. The one home in the kitchen picture has no area...

  2. Good luck finding your dream home!! Our next house will have more storage!!!!!!! Old houses just do not have it.


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