February 1, 2012

Feeling the Stress...

Do you ever reach a turning point in a day where all the sudden STRESS just hits you like a brick wall? I never really see it coming but then all of the sudden it sneaks in and plants its destruction to what could've been the perfect day. This morning I got up, got my shower, ran through my entire morning routine, put my hair up in a fabulous up do that I just LOVE today. I took pictures because I love it so much! Grabbed and outfit that I haven't put together in awhile and thought to myself Today is going to be GREAT!

Inspiration for today's do

Front View

Left Side view

Right Back/Side View

Back View
Work Attire
Ha. usually I wait to take pictures at home… wanted to get a pic in now so here’s my lovely back drop of our campus bathroom.                
As I was walking out the door I took a quick glance at around the home. Coffee cup on the coffee table in the Family room that I didn't put away last night... no biggie. Mail scattered and left on the kitchen table from the past two days. My shoes from yesterdays work attire sitting by the front door. I know there is a  knife and fork in the kitchen sink but that's it. Winston back in the mud
room like always. I thought to myself... eh its okay there are no showings today and it's not that bad in here. I get to work which is only 5-8 mins into town and go to the library to get my daily coffee when I hear my phone go off from a text message. I look, it's my husband, "A realtor will be by the house at 12:30 today to show the home." NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Blast you people with your non-planning ability. I then take another quick look at my phone and there is a missed call. Must have been the realtor trying to contact me before he hit up George.

Honestly, it doesn't matter whether he would've set up the showing with me or my husband. It's just the fact that it's 8:03 in the morning and I'm already at work with a house sitting there that I would not be thrilled to show today. Is it a big deal that those little things are done that I know I would usually have cleaned up for a showing... eh maybe not a HUGE deal. But I try to treat every showing like they are the couple that are going to want to buy our house. This is the one!

Why am I now completely stressed?

I usually wouldn't be since I could take my lunch break during that hour and go home and clean up and put Winston away in his kennel in the bed room. Today however, Winston has a Vet appointment at 2:30 and I planned to take my lunch hour during that time! Now, I have two choices. Take a half hour break and run home quick to clean up and come back to work. Then go back home pick up Winston at 2:15 go all the way across town to the Vet then take him all the way back home after, and go back to work? Only to go home and come back again tonight for my calling night. Or re-schedule Winton's Vet appointment, take my entire lunch hour at 11:15 and clean up. Then leave at 4pm like usual go work out come back and do callings. I'm taking the easier route here and re-scheduling Winston's appointment, it's just too much for me.

Sorry Winnie... we will have to find out what the heck is growing on your neck another day. :(

I think this is the better choice.... I really need to work out today not only since I've been doing well with it but on days like this with the STRESS kicking into gear I need to release it and clear my head.

What do you do to combat stressful days?


  1. Your hair is so cute!! I love it!
    I hate those dilemmas...I usually think to myself, like ok...there has to be a way to work this out. and then do what you did, reschedule something less pressing and do what NEEDS to be done right that minute. You did good!

  2. I would have rescheduled the vets as well. Good choice. I wish I could do my hair cute like that!!! I used your inspiration pic for when I was in my best friend's wedding this fall!! :) I LOVED it!


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