February 7, 2012

In between a Rock and a hard place…


Sorry I haven’t posted but it’s been really hard to find inspiration. The selling of our home is really working on me. George is gone ALL the time with transitioning to his new position in Iowa. In the past 3 weeks (21days)  I’ll have seen him 5 and when he’s home he’s working most of the day on his computer. I knew that this wouldn’t be easy but it sure isn’t going as well as I thought. I’m lonely. I need to find a BIG project to work on.

Maybe that table I had posted about awhile ago! Or there is an old mail dresser we have in the basement that needs some loving. . . but really all I want to do is lay on the couch with a book or to watch the next ridiculous show of “The Voice”. Did any of you watch the first couple that went on last night called The Line”…. LOVE THEM and their rendition of American Girl. Also loved this girls (Lindsey Pavaos)style of Tre-songz “Say Ahh”. She’s going to be big!

Well, I guess I better stop whining. Rule number one when you are living away from everything you know.

#1: Suck it up – Only you can make the situation better.

I will say George is a sweetie and is taking me to our Favorite Sioux Falls restaurant on Saturday. It’s a Brazilian steak house where they serve you non-stop meat. RARRRrrrrrr carnivore! Which is funny because the name of the restaurant is “Carnival”. I am happy that we can spend an evening out and I can get dressed up! I am also hoping that his gift comes this week while he is away. He is super curious when it comes to things I order…manly because he wants to know what I’m spending my money on.

Also, going back to my post on new recipes I would like to try. This weekend I tried two new things. One being a super easy pizza… seriously not even a recipe but I made the pizza sauce back in the fall and canned it so it was special to me and only cost around 6 dollars for a large cheese pizza!


Homemade Canned Pizza Sauce= Less then 2 dollars for the seasoning packet to mix with the tomatoes.

Great Value Mozzarella Cheese= $2.39

Pizza Crust= $1.79 on sale.


This made 8 large slices which gave us two lunch meals for the weekend.

My other recipe that actually took some thought was “North Carolina style pulled pork – Crock Pot made” For this I need to season the pork shoulder and leave it to marinade for a few hours. Then I had to make the vinegar based solution to cook it in. Plus the wait of course! I was so nervous with this one since George LOVES the North Carolina flavor, but he loved it and good thing too since we have so much of it left!

I need to get better at taking pictures all the way through my steps but here is a picture of after I seasoned the shoulder. For the recipe go here!


Well, that’s it for today. Happy Blogging!

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