February 9, 2012

Please, use your turn signal…


It doesn’t matter where I have moved to the traffic laws are mainly all the same. Sure the highway out here in South Dakota is 75mph where back in Delaware it ranges at most from 50-60mph. There is less traffic here then there is back east and kids here can start their permits at 14 but we all know they’ve been driving tractors since they were 6. Where as our kids back east are lucky they haven’t changed the driving age to 18… but what I just can’t wrap my brain around is:


“Why don’t people use their turn signals anymore?!?”

This drives me absolutely crazy. Not only is it a courtesy to the driver behind you or when someone is trying to pull out into on coming traffic but I remember it being the law.

Why does it just get under my skin to the point of cursing out that driver for not using it (obviously not loudly)… but here’s why:

#1: It’s takes no effort at all – The little stick is right by the steering wheel and with just a hand bump of up or down you can signal which way your turning. Adjusting the radio station is more complicated!


{I thought I would show a picture for those who forgot what the lever looks like}

#2: Communication people! How else are you supposed to know what the other drivers are doing… We are not all hillbilly’s with microphones attached to our cars with a CB on the other end.. (Yes I’ve seen people do this, No I was not one of them)

#3: Courtesy- what happened to using your manors. It’s the polite thing to do, like holding a door or responded thank you to that person who held the door. That’s another day in itself… another day

In what instances do I get ticked that the person didn’t use their turn signal:

- When your on the highway and decide to change lanes… USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! George and I almost got in a horrible accident back in December on our drive back to the east. A Mac Truck, in traffic, in the rain completely cut us off and we almost hit him. and none of that… he didn't see us, it was traffic! He knew someone was there!

- When a driver is waiting to pull out into traffic from a side street or parking lot… USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! I am waiting for you to pass so I can pull out and at the last second you turn into where I am leaving from… I could’ve been out by now but no, now I have to wait again since more on coming cars are in motion. Thanks Friend.

- When your on a main street and are looking to parallel park…. USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL. I hate it when all the sudden the car in front of me throws on the brakes and books it in reverse to park. Simple courtesy’s go a long way.

- The car in front of you who is also in the turn lane but does not have their signal on… USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL. It lets everyone else know that you know your turning.

- In parking lots, USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! Just because you are off official roads doesn’t mean that all driving rules go out the window. Also while your there, drive in the rows and not across them.

For these reasons above I have started a face book group called “I use my turn signal.”Please join in by letting everyone know that you indeed do use your turn signal and are not one of those blasted people in my rant above. At least I hope you are not… if you are…



Go to “I use my turn signal.” to join my group! Also, please list any other instances of not using turn signals that I may have missed.  

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