January 31, 2012

Fly on the Wall

Oh how I wish I were a fly on the wall... okay not a fly because they are gross disgusting little beings but maybe a beautiful portrait like in the Harry Potter movies that are alive and can see and hear everything! Getting weird yet? My point is, I want to know what people are saying about our home on these showings!

The big question has come up in the past two days of, "I wonder what people are saying about the house". We have had 7 showings of our house with different realtors in the area and haven't gotten a lick of feedback yet. So, what did I do? Merely what any 1st time home seller would do, I GOOGLED! "How to find out feedback from home showings". On my google search I came across a lot of message boards that realtors use in helping with seller and buyer feedback. Most the realtors say that they contact their seller once a week to touch base, ours has not. We never established this with our realtor but how were we to know? The information I came across gave me the insight to contact our realtor and ask the simple question of, "Can we have feedback on the home showings thus far?" The realtor is getting paid to help you sell your house so I think its a question worth them finding out by contacting the other realtors that have shown our home.

Hopefully soon I will recieve a reply back with my questions answered but until then for some of you that have not sold a home before, here are some things I just learned! Don't you love learning from others mistakes...

  • When you meet with your realtor talk about how they conduct their business
  • If you want feed back on your home come up with a way that you and your realtor will commuicate this, weekly? after every showing? only if the looker is interested in buying?
  • Don't have expectations to high for the feedback since you already know deep down what is worng with your house
  • Be ready for bad feed back
  • Contact your realtor if you do have questions - you're paying them to sell the house!

{ Also, I've gotten a little bored in waiting for my new blog to be constructed so I made a few changes. It's almost February, that's when it will be reveiled! }

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