February 18, 2012

Blog face lift

Hi everyone! I'm sure you have noticed the new blog I have up! I'm really excited about the direction of my blog - simply adapting! Jackie from memories by design did a great job! Her button is on the right side bar. Over the next few days I will be tweaking some things but I would love to hear your feed back so far.

Also, as part of my new blog I'm looking for people who want to tell their stories about having to pack up and move to another place in the country... Or even out of the country. If you are interested please email me at SimplyAdapting@yahoo.com
I will then get back to with a quick questionnaire.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'm blogging from my iPhone so I'll get back on here tomorrow and add some more info!

Also I would love some new followers! When my new blog uploaded i lost some of you in the process. Please join by following or subscribing :)

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