February 20, 2012

{ My Simply Adapting Story }


Hi! That's me at my wedding August 7th, 2010! My name is Brittany Rigdon and I am originally from Wilmington, Delaware. For all of you non-east coasters, that's the state surrounded by Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Not trying to pick on you guys, I had to refresh my thoughts of the states that surrounded South Dakota as well before I moved here. :) I am 26 years old and live in Mitchell, SD, where the corn palace is. Google it.... you'll find that I love to google. I come from a very tight knit family of 6 that raised me with good moral values and a hard work ethic despite whatever prejudices there are about "City" people. My siblings are Corey 27, and Katie and Nikki (TWINNIES) 21. I grew up in a neighborhood outside of the largest city in Delaware (Wilmington) population 71,000. As I went through high school I got very involved in the Agriculture program and became an FFA member. I fell in LOVE with agriculture which lead me to pursuing Ag Ed @ DelVal College where I met my hubby (G) About a year and a half ago we were married after 4 years of dating and I moved out here to South Dakota to be with him. He is originally from Maryland but moved for work around our 2.5 year dating point.

After blogging for the past couple of months I have found my niche with in the Blogging Community. There is a huge population of us "transplanters" out there and no blogs that really talk about how hard it is to move across the country! Hopefully here you will help me in sharing your story as well. :)

{ What are some things I felt that I had to adapt to in South Dakota }
I really had to adjust to how open it is out here compared to Delaware. There are more cows then there are people here in South Dakota so the towns are far and few between. I felt at first like I would never meet anyone since I was the out-sider but then I got a job subbing in the Mitchell School District and it lead me to talking to people! I had missed that so much, I am what they call a social butterfly so I was itching for some contact. Another adaption I had to make was to the weather. Delawareans are weenies when it comes to weather, it gets to 30 degrees and an inch of snow on the ground and we freak, I was one of them. My first winter was last year and it hit -20 one night! Some of the highs for the day were in the single digits, and snow... oh that snow! Lets just say there was a lot! Once I got through my first winter I've been fine, the locals like to say that you kind of forget about how it was the year prior (Probably because they are bad memories) but really you do just forget about it and deal with it as you go. People here are polite, traffic is almost non existent, and the lifestyle is more relaxing.

{ What advice can I give to readers in simply adapting to your new home? }
#1: It can always be worse! You have your health and people back home to support you whether its on a phone call once a week, skyping, or facebooking. Communication has grown so much that keeping in touch isn't like mailing a letter once a month.

#2: Talk to people: Whether you just started a new job or are in the check out line in the local town grocer. People love hearing how I am from Delaware and asking how I am doing here. You never know, it could lead to a new friendship or just someone who had a nice conversation with you that made your day.

#3: If you are alone a lot get a pet. Winston is my savor. I think sometimes people think I am overly attached to my dog but really he is the one that helped me get through my first few months here in South Dakota. My husband travels frequently for work so Winston is my lil man that I can take on walks or snuggle with at night.

#4: Find a hobby & try new things! Since living here I have read more then I have in 3 years back home, I can knit better then ever and I'm still learning, and my cooking skills are growing.

#5: Explore! My husband and I love to drive around and find neat things at the towns in the area. We have visited Mt. Rushmore 3 times now, have been to the Bad Lands National Park twice, and have been snowmobiling for our first time ever! I couldn't do these things back in Delaware and I'm glad I did them now seeing how we are moving to Iowa in a few months.

{ What are some fun tips and tricks I have learned from living in Mitchell, SD }

I have learned to plow a driveway with a four-wheeler... I have grown in my faith more being here ... I learned that there is a distinct difference between East River and West River... I learned what a "Jersey Chaser" is .... along with a "Pick" :)
{ Local Recipe }
Deep Fried Pheasant
What you need: Pheasant breast, eggs, canola oil, 2 cups flour, 2 table spoons seasonal, 1/2 packet ranch dressing mix, salt and pepper to taste
Directions: Cut Pheasant breast into smaller nuggets, dip in beat-ed eggs, then into mixture of flour, seasonal, and ranch dressing mix (do this twice for think crust)
Place nuggets into hot oil on frying pan. If not fully submerged flip after 1 minute
Watch not to over cook nuggets; pheasant dries out quickly.
Serve with:  Green Olive Tomato Beer ;)
{ South Dakota Dialect }
Ruff = Roof
Rut- Root
You Bet! = No problem or Your Welcome
* I, along with others would love to hear your Simply Adapting story! Please go to my contact page to find out how to submit your story to be posted on Simply Adapting.

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