February 17, 2012

Heck Yes for Friday!


Things that made my week!

enhanced-buzz-11639-1329417289-61#39 Pugs 

  • I found my teasing brush Thursday morning! I thought I had lost it forever back during our snowmobiling trip. Where did I find it? In the basket under the sink… who knows why I put it there?  Brushes go in the top drawer not under the sink. phillips-tease-2-brush-278x278
  • Pizza Bagels :) 


  • My Amaryllis bulb has started to take growth this week!


  • My shooting star Hydrangea has come back to life… the car ride back from the East after Christmas killed all the live blossoms and steams. I cut it back to the base and coddled it with love and lots of water with drainage!


  • And my favorite of the week: The weird conversations we all have with our husbands


*If you are wondering who “Slava” is that is a nickname our dog has – as previously stated in my Winston’s World page. 


Have a great weekend Everyone!

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