January 5, 2012

January Desk Top Calendar



My January desktop calendar! I just thought it was the cutest out of the bunch listed on Smashing Magazine’s web site.

Now if I could only get a calendar for my kitchen and office bulletin… Something is telling me that the “free” one that George picked up from the bank just isn’t going to cut it. :/

New Years Resolutions:

  • Make it to the gym at 5am at LEAST 2 days a week and in the afternoon 3 other days {I am really trying to not over shoot this one with telling myself I will get up every morning at 5am. I need to slowly build into this habit or else I burn out and say Fluff. it! As I am sure many of you have. :)
  • Call my Grammy once every two weeks. I have it on my iphone calendar, Now I won’t forget!
  • Send birthday cards more frequently… I feel that I did an okay job of this in 2011.
  • Only eat fast food 1 day out of the week. Today was Culvers… guess I’m done
  • Limit Sodas – I have already started to cut this back LOTS
  • Try new recipes!

I hope you have your list of Resolutions as well. :)


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  1. 5am! Wow!!! You're crazy! Love that you are trying new recipes... please post them! I am in a cooking rut right now.


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