January 2, 2012

Vacation back east wrap up

I am posting this on day 1 of my trip back home to Lakota Land as Geo and I call it. Obviously, I am exhausted from a week of running everywhere trying to visit family and friends. People get left out and it feels really bad but we all live in different areas and have our to do's over this crazy week, so I can only hope that next time will be different.

I've come to realize that living in South Dakota isn't the hard part of living away from everyone. People adjust easily to their surroundings. What's hard is coming home. You want to be able to do everything that you use to do before you moved and want it to be the way it was before you left, truth is , it isn't. People adjust to you being away as well.

As tired as I am I was blessed to be able to see my family on both sides. Geo and I were able to split time with my family as well as his during this trip. Usually, it feels like one side gets the short end of the stick. Here are some highlights of my trip!

  • Seeing everyone at the Rigdon Open house Christmas eve & seeing George’s 1 year old cousin Weston for the first time since last year!
  • Winston playing his Christmas presents = super funny & entertaining
  • Going up to my parents from Christmas to Wednesday evening
  • Going bowling with my mom and sisters and rolling the best game of my life! 175!!!
  • Seeing my brothers new house! (and organizing a little for him :)
  • Going to Baltimore with our friends Adam and Kristin. Went to the Brazilian steak house, walked by a “Needle Exchange Van”, Went shopping on the Inner Harbor
  • Spending time with George’s Uncle’s family on new years. George held a baby for the first time! So cute!
  • Spending New Years with friends but not getting drunk.. sometimes its fun to watch everyone else. I was a hit with Kristen’s niece “Hannah”.
  • Going back to see my family to say Good-bye on Sunday.

Things I missed out on :(

  • Seeing my BFF…
  • Going to a friends Bridal Shower
  • Seeing my Grammy– She went to Orlando for the holiday

Things that have changed majorly since I moved:

  • My willingness to deal with mall traffic and people has diminished…
  • Went to Grottos on Main St. with my husband, sisters, and brother…. didn’t see anyone that I knew. (I’m getting old)
  • Clothing – I don’t think it has changed, I just have adapted to my climate and region a little more.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their break and had a Wonderful Holiday.


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  1. Weston loved playing with you and George!!! :) We loved seeing you guys! xoxo


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