January 9, 2012

{ Here chick chick chicky }

I am sticking to my new years resolution and trying new recipes! Since my hubby is gone on a work trip this is a prime time to try some out. He's not a big try new things kind of guy so this way I can practice and if it turns out great I can make it when he's home.

Tonight's menu is a a whole chicken. I have cooked turkey and pheasant but never chicken. This way I figure I can have dinner but then also have it to make chicken salad for this weekend and add some to my creamy wild rice soup (bear creek) that is one my list for my lunch next week.

To begin I needed a rack and tray, well I only have the one I use for turkeys so I had a DIY moment and threw this together.

From there I seasoned it with pepper and seasonal... Can't go wrong with that.

Yes I washed my hands every time I picked up my phone to take a picture. Just in case you were wondering. ;)

I placed it on the rack and put it in the oven at 350 degrees. It calls for every pound to cook for 20 mins, so my timer is set for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

It's already been 25 minutes and I can smell the deliciousness coming from the kitchen. It makes me hungry before I can even sit to eat dinner. I may need a snack.

And there it is, my little chick-e-dee! I put way too much salt so it dried out the skin, but this was perfect cause I LOVE that part of the chicken and its so bad for you. Now I didn't eat it cause it was too salty.

I made some mushroom instant rice which I thought would pair well with the chicken and bon appatite, DINNER! I was so hungry by this time it was close to 7pm.

This was a great idea, for $4.05 I was able to use all the chicken leftovers in my soup that I made over the weekend, and also I made my chicken salad last night which I had for lunch today. It was cheaper then buying just the breast meat or the tenderloins.

Next time I am thinking of getting a whole chicken and by using my skills I learned in Poultry Science 101 I will part it out and fry it up. (not healthy but George will love it)

Hope you are all trying new things in the new year!

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  1. Yum! I made my first whole chicken last week too :) I actually have a post scheduled for tomorrow with a little recipe of how I used the leftovers!


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