January 10, 2012

December Birch Box Recap


Well well… first Blooper of birch boxing, my December box just got here (Jan 3rd)! I received an e-mail around December 14th saying that “We are sorry for our tardiness but due to a short in one of your items we had to hold back your shipment”. Come on! Just throw something else in there for heaven sake and ship the thingy!

I’m just now posting this today because I like to tryout the items for a week then give my input. So here it is!

IMG_0274Cute Cover for this Holidays IMG_0275 What’s inside!


Dry shampoo, Energy powder, perfume, body oil,

Sticky tape for clothes, lip gloss


Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo: I love this product, The fact that I got a mini one is great cause I have it in my purse for emergency use! Would I buy a full can of it for $23.00? Most likely not. I enjoy my L'Oreal bottle for $8.00 at Wal-Mart.. and it smells like tropical yummy-ness.

Atelier Cologne: Ambre Nue - .21oz = $185 This stuff must have crack cocaine in it because there is no way I would spend that much on perfume. I’m not a fan of the scent either. Maybe people in France have better scent glands then I do? That’s okay with me. :)

Jouer – Moisturizing lip gloss: I LOVED the gloss that came in my November birch box. Smoothing with a hit of subtle pink. I’m a neutral kind of gal which is why this is yet another disappointment. It says you can apply a little and just have a hue of pink but even that is too much for me. I am zero for three here! I still say that I would buy the other Jouer lip enhancer from last month though. It’s on my list!

Nuxe- Dry oil shimmer: $56 .21 OZ – At first I thought this was a gold nail polish because the little bottle looked like it would hold nail polish. I was a little hesitant to use this because it was soooo shimmery but to my surprise when you run the oil on your skin it looks more like a Glow and not glitter from my past 6th grade dance. (You know you use to wear it!) You can even rub a little in your hair. I think this item would be perfect for a night out at the bars or on a date night.

Prep- ShowStoppers – I haven’t had the need to use the double sided tape as of yet. But there are some weddings in the future that I’m sure I will need this tape for on my dresses.

Recharge eboost- Orange natural energy boost: It’s a powder that you add to water for a quick boost. It wasn’t too bad… def. Tangy! I did feel energized for a bit as well. $28 for 20 packets

Once again, I do love birch box even if I didn’t love all that it had to offer this month. That’s the fun of this, getting to test drive items and if I really fall in love with them I will buy.

I also will give props to Birch Box – Even though my package came late they gave me 100 points towards my account which was pretty awesome. Thanks Birchie :)

I should have my January Birch Box here any day now. :)



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