January 12, 2012

{ We're Moving! Again! }


For a month now I have wanted to say openly that we are moving but couldn't due to all the other bridges we had to get over initially. My husband has been given the opportunity to go back to being a Dealers Sales Manager which was what his job was when he initially moved from Maryland to South Dakota 3 years ago. It seems as though I just moved here... oh yeah because I did just move here only a year and 4 months ago! When he was approached to apply for the job he was very hesitant to do so, I think for my sake since I have a salary job now and have a few friends in the area. After talking about it we weighed the pros and cons. I laugh because on my list I put a (B) next to my pros and cons and a (G) next to my husbands. We are definitely people that think differently but balance each other out.


  • Better Salary (G)
  • Greater commission (G)
  • Smaller Territory (G ) which means less travel (B)
  • Larger population of Dealerships (G)
  • More traditional Ag rather then Ranches (G & B)
  • 5.5 hours closer to the East Coast (you have go to take what you can get) (G & B)
  • Newer house with more area (B & G)
  • Trees and Greens (B)
  • In state tuition at an Ag University (B)
  • More people (G &B) but not as much at back east
  • College towns so more possibility to make friends (B)
  • and much more
  • Only 5.5 hours closer to home (B)
  • Missing out on weddings, family events, and more like we do now (G&B)
  • selling our house - we still like it, it's our first house together (B)
  • Leaving my job (B & G)
  • Switching over all the tags, titles, licenses (B)
  • Leaving the few friends I have (B)
  • Leaving his dealers (G)

Ok, by now you are probably scrolling to the top to see if I mentioned with state I am moving to, well I never mentioned it.

We are moving Iowa! Well… Western Iowa since that is where the dealerships are located.

We have an idea of the area that we would like to move to but it’s stressful and not set in stone. Our house just went on the market last Friday Jan. 6th so we can’t really start looking at houses because it’s all about timing. Sure we can look on realtor.com every day to look at prospective houses but it will be just my luck that the one I like gets sold before we can even walk through it. This is Cruds-Ville USA right now.

I thought the initial telling friends, family, and work that I was leaving was stressful, but now that I am dealing with the open houses & walk-through’s is even more stressful.

So here is more news that I am leading up to. My Blog is getting a revamp. I am new to the blogging world and enjoy it thoroughly but my blog is not what I want it to be. I love to craft but don’t have enough time to keep up posting on that stuff. I work 40+ hour weeks people! I love to cook but rarely do anything too exciting to read about, I am into fashion but not a trend setter, No kiddies yet to post cute pics of…. so What do I write about!  It took me awhile to figure it out but this move has really helped me in finding my way as a blogger.

{ Simply Adapting: A guide to making a HOME where ever life takes you } is the title of my new blog set to be released sometime this February. I have many friends whom I have reconnected with on facebook that ask me questions all the time about adjusting to a new area being so far from home because they themselves have moved or are about to move. This will be my second time adapting to a new house, town, work environment, etc so I think I have some basis to speak on the topic. I will post mostly about my new move or leading up to it and then about how I am adapting but my blog will also feature other women like myself that have moved and had to adapt to their new surroundings whether they are a military wife, a company transplanter like myself , or just chose to move for schooling, family, work or adventure. It will give helpful tips on how to join your new community in social engagements, church, work, friends & family.

I am really excited for the launch and until then will enjoy ranting about my crazy home sale going on right now through my Sixty Six blog. I hope you will stick with me and invite friends in my new journey through {Simply Adapting}.

Here’s a sneak peak of the picture going in my header of the new blog. USAStates BlogSignature

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  1. Haha I love the little map picture :)

    Although I am very sad for you to leave, I am so thankful I'll have your blog to keep up with!


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