December 1, 2011

Tis the Season to Deck the house!

Fireplace Mantel

Well, it's about that time of the year to start getting your holiday spirit going! I usually will decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving. As previously stated in past blogs I am traditional and like to keep all holiday seperated. First Thanksgiving THEN Christmas THEN valentinesday, etc. Except I don't decorate for all holidays just Christmas. I am more of a seasons kind of gal. Floral for spring, Fun colors for Summer, Autmn leaves for fall (Thanksgiving) and After Christmas will be snowman that stay up for the snow.

Part of my trouble with decorating is the husband. He is not into change especially with holiday seasons. Nor does he like clutter so I really have to watch with not over doing. My favorite part of the house is our lovely stone fireplace. For this I bought a strand of garland with lights already attached for $10.00. The little tree on top was $6.00 at Walgreens. Then I bought a large container of globes for $9.00 and hung then accrodingly across the lights. I hung the lights buy attaching the small comand strips. $4.00 at walgreens. *Important! Use witch hazel or alcohol pads to wipe down the area, let dry then place hooks, let sit for at least and hour. Again, I am impatient, I spent almost 3 hours decorating on Tuesday night only to wake up to find all my hard work fell down. The strips didn't stick since I use woodcleaner on the mantel... stupid me.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Ok well not exactly, but it is only 2 1/2 feet high. I would love to eventually invest in buying a large "real" christmas tree but right now it's silly to. George and I go home for the week of christmas so if we had a real one it would die and it's almost too much effort to put up a large fake tree just for us to see since we don't get many visitors. So this is our tree. I kind of like that its little and can fit on our fireplace step. For decorations I added ones that have been given to us over the years, and then added some matching ones from what I had on the mantel to keep the same decoration flow going. 

Dining room table

Being the rookie house wife that I am I thought it would be cute to buy a red christmas table cloth for this table. As you can see it's not there. George hated it and after I took it off I realized "yeah, he is totally right". Simplicity is the way to go especially when we are lucky to have such a beautiful table to display.

Tiffany's center piece

That's right ladies Tiffanys. :) My cousin down in Tennessee sent me a Tiffanys Crystal bowl as a wedding gift in 2010 when I got married. I love this bowl, but I am also terrified to use it for anything! Using again the same globe ornaments I bought from walmart I placed them in this bowl and organized them buy texture and color. Now I get to display my bowl! Simple idea and I didn't have to go out an buy extra. I also wanted to keep the decorations flowing from room to room so this makes the rooms alike. We are going shopping on Saturday to the city so if I see a table runner that would compliment this I will consider it. If not then it looks great with out.
Tractor Ornaments

Ornaments don't have to just go on a tree, these were too heavy for our little guy so I displayed them on our Dinning room hutch. Not like we don't have enough tractors in our house already.

Overall, I spent less then $40.00 on decor for this holiday season. Using past decorations helped me in being able to spread decor throughout our down stairs and to save on budget. We don't put up lights outside either so that helps. All we need now is a christmas wreath for the door, which George's best friend is making and sending us!

Happy Decorating! 

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  1. Love the mantle...looks great!

    And your Charlie Brown tree :)


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