December 6, 2011

iPhone App - Color Splash!

Well I just got my iPhone yesterday so I have been looking through lots of neat apps to add to it. One I came across that I thought was neat was the Color Splash App. It's super easy. All you do is snap or open a recent photo on your phone. Click the gray all button. Then click the color splash button and run your finger over the picture where you would like it to be in color.

Winston Waiting for his Dad

I love this picture, he loves waiting by the door waiting for that blue truck to roll into the drive. As you can see I only colored the door. I set this as my background on my iPhone. It's not too much that I can't see my apps when it is on the home screen. 

If any of you have other neat apps that I should get please comment and let me know!

Color Splash


1 comment:

  1. Instagram is an awesome one for taking pictures! Pandora is good to have, and Pinterest, of course!


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