November 30, 2011

Knitting Materials: Tutorial

Finally! I had a little trouble figuring out how to get my videos posted. For some reason posting them directly through blogger was not working. So for those of you that have the same problem go on you tube and upload them there. Then using the movie posting option on your new post select "My youtube videos". You should have no problems!

I was kind of nervous about putting this up but here it goes! The first video is about knitting needles and other items you will need, the differences between them, and my take on using them.

The next video is about yarn and how to read the labels on a skein of yarn. I'm such a rookie at this that when I shot the video everything was upside down... not sure how to fix with it already loaded. So, I'll just learn and move on! Aslo, It makes me laugh, my dog Winston was trying to get my attention so he kept playing his new toy everytime I tried to record this. Finally I said "Oh well" and just stuck with it. Silly puppy. :)

I should also have a video posted soon about how to "cast on" aka "How to start knitting"!

Happy knitting :)

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