November 29, 2011

The List

Sorry I haven't posted since last week, it has been a crazy Thanksgiving! I had the wonderful blessing of doing some much needed home improvements over my 4 day weekend. Do you have "The List" of items you need to get done around the house? Ours seems to grow over time and some items even get thrown into a "Wish List" or things we really want to do but in all seriousness will never have the time to get around to it. It always seems that when my husband and I get an extended weekend that we end up with a checklist of things that need to get done around the house
We had several projects this past weekend:

Day 1 (Friday)
  •  Tear out one wall in George's closet. (We had a hole in the roof that needed patched up, this caused a leak into his closet wall that then caused the plaster to buckle out)
  • Cut and nail new dry wall in closet
  • Mud and tape corners Let dry for 1 day
Day 2 (Saturday)
  • Sand and paint 2 coats of primer (wait to dry)
  • Put up snow fence in front yard in 20 degree weather with 40 mile an hour winds (not fun)
Day 3 (Sunday)
  • Paint 2 final coats of white paint
  • Clean up
  • Vacumm entire house, dust, & sweep

That was basically my weekend. My husband and I did go out for a Date night to Dinner and a movie on Saturday night. We saw The Muppets movie! Not nearly as good and I thought it would be based on my childhood growing up with watching them, but it brought back lots of memories!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Break and had something to be thankful for. :)

Comment: What's on your "List" ???

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