May 13, 2015

Made to Fray


In celebration of Earth Day (last month) I decided to purchase a pair of shoes that are completely biodegradable. How cool is that? I came across the organization Industry of All Nations who’s purpose is to bring unique local business to an international market while promoting environmental and social awareness worldwide.

Although I love how much the shoe organization “Toms” has grown I decided to go with a lesser known organization. 

028  029

025   026


Since 1895, Argentina has been producing these "alpargatas" using the same materials and techniques, achieving an all-biodegradable shoe. For the first time since its creation, Industry of All Nations brings "alpargatas" to the rest of the world in collaboration with the original Rueda ARG factory.


They are surprisingly comfortable! I just need to remember not to wear them on a rainy day. Here is the link.

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