April 14, 2015

How I Wore It: Full Pleated Dress

HowIWoreItFull circle skirt accentuates the hourglass, explaining why this style is the epitome of femininity.

Simply. Fun. Prints


Amelia Dress: LuLaRoe $45.00

Denim Flats: Gap (Spring 2014)

Hello and Welcome to “How I Wore It”!

I am an average lady of 29 years that loves fashion and feeling good about myself. I wanted to start posting some of my outfits here because I love them so much! There are lots of fashion bloggers out there and let me tell you, I’m not one of them. I’m 5’3” and 128lbs, I work a full time job during the week in education and on the weekend my husband and I are waist deep in farm/house projects. This means that my outfits usually consist of black khakis and a sweater during the weeks and knee ripped jeans with a hoodie on the weekends.

In the times that I do put some thought into an outfit I would love to post them here to my blog for all of you to see. I’ll tell you as much as I know about the pieces such as; Where and when I purchased them and the price. I’ll also share why I love the outfit so much!

Here we go!

Why I love this outfit:

  1. Prints
    • Some people are really scared of prints but for whatever reason I’m okay with walking over that line. I fell in love with this herringbone print in Navy and Grey. LuLaRoe has amazing prints and solids in all of their products which is why I’ve gravitated towards their items so much lately.
  2. One Piece
    • There is no extra thought that goes into this outfit. Just throw it on and go! This was my Easter Sunday dress for church. Our church is a little on the casual side so I wore a jean jacket not shown in these photos.
  3. The Zipper
    • You can’t see it here, but there is a large zipper in the back that is super cute. If you go in the link above you can see it.
    • That’s right! Pockets! Nuff Said.

Can’t wait to show you more!


  1. Love this! I adore the Amelia! So flattering and makes you look so put together!

  2. So glad you love your dress!! Love it on you!!

  3. You're adorable. I love that dress on you!


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